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farm bill update.

For those of you who have been following the farm bill for months, or if you've just noticed how contentious and complicated it is, here is a good list (see policy platform below) of the programs developed that have direct bearing on our capacity as a nation to feed ourselves proper, healthy food.  When you […]

Posted: May 11 2008
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bikes on trains.

Severine reports on a mid-April train ride. Did you know that it's forbidden to take a bicycle on Amtrak? This blog post has little to do with rural revivals or sustainable agriculture--or does it? Bikes on trains is in fact a micro-parable of exactly the kind of transportation paradigm that we are working towards...I support bikes […]

Posted: May 9 2008
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last minute Terra Madre application!

This is very last minute, but we wanted to alert the young farmers out there to a great opportunity to participate in International dialogue about small-scale production, traditional methods, and cross-cultural knowledge exchange. Maybe some of you have heard of it, or applied already, but this year will be the third edition of Slow Food's […]

Posted: May 6 2008
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webportal for young farmers!

Unleash the depths of your agricultural knowledge on the Webportal for Young Farmers Wiki! We are in the initial stages of creating a webportal for young farmers. Its an online funnel that provides young farmers, apprentices, and new entrants into sustainable agriculture with resources necessary to begin farming or to expand their practice. Its a […]

Posted: April 30 2008
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san francisco fundraiser update!

local food farmer friends.  please join us in greenhorns fundraising festivities. may 2 2008 at Mission Pie (intersection of 25th st/mission st) from 7 to 10PM.  suggested donation is 100 dollars. if you can't pay come help, volunteering is encouraged and welcomed! please contact Joylynn at [email protected] or Severine at [email protected] for more on this. fundraiser […]

Posted: April 26 2008
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homegrown: on rock concerts and yard farms

Severine reports from a bike excursion. I just went on my bicycle over to the Farm Aid offices for a visit, and ended up eating pie, talking about strategic take-over of suburbia by determined and principled mothers working fearlessly to expand their domestic humanism out to the edge of the lawn, and beyond.  In Dirt […]

Posted: April 22 2008
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the greenhorns update!

  Dear allies, advisors, activists, agriculturalists. Thank you for being a part of this network. You may well have already helped us feed fundraiser guests, wash dishes, stuff envelopes, or overcome existential crisis. We are so grateful for your advice, contributions and tremendous hard work. Together we form a sizable, growing piece of the young […]

Posted: April 21 2008
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available: farm worker position!

Full-time (40 hours/week) farm worker position available. 47 acre educational farm in Queens is looking to add one full-time, year-round worker. Primary responsibilities will be to assist farmer in vineyard and vegetable production, but must be willing to do general labor work as required. Some weekend work and seasonal attendance at farmer's market. Farm experience […]

Posted: April 17 2008
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King Corn on PBS!

King Corn airs this week on the Emmy-winning PBS series Independent Lens. Broadcasts begin tonight! Check local listings, learn more about the world of corn, get lost in the corn maze, and go behind the scenes on the new PBS website for King Corn.

Posted: April 15 2008
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farm bill update!

We urge those of you who haven't yet called your representatives about the farm bill to take a look at the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition website and call the numbers on the site--we need to seal up the dealio with 15 million for beginning farmer funding (see this action alert to get started). Maybe, or maybe we […]

Posted: April 15 2008
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letters from young farmers: Nicole

Cheers to our new series: letters from young farmers.  Of late, our inbox has been blessed with moving missives from those either currently farming or investigating the fruits of life on the land.  Our goal is to inspire another generation of optimistic agrarians, so when we receive these inspiring letters that inspire our work we can't help but want […]

Posted: April 11 2008
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hawaii taro

Taro, one of the earliest cultivations, is threatened by the tsunami of GMO research in Hawaii- which is the world headquarters of genetic research in agriculture. Until recently Hawaii was a major exporter of cane sugar, pineapples and other tropical fruits to the mainland and Japan, as well as large-scale cattle raising industry. These agricultural […]

Posted: April 9 2008
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miranda july and barak and voting

by Miranda July I'd like to think all the people who follow my work are radical, political firecrackers. But those of you who are don't need any encouragement from me. Instead I will focus my efforts on the demographic who, like me in 1996, feels completely disconnected from life, nevermind their country. I'm hoping that […]

Posted: April 7 2008
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young farmer vs. big pharma

[youtube=] Who should we trust with the health of the nation? This You Tube video just served to remind me about the horror and deceitfulness of mega-pharmaseutical companies and the expense they'll go to to manufacture our desire for pills. More and more pills. My own dad is on quite a number of pills, and […]

Posted: April 3 2008
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nominate the best!

It is unfortunate that often the best foods cost the most--if you buy them in the city, that is. If you grow your own, its affordable to eat quail eggs.   In season local fruits are frugal. Work like a peasant, eat like a king. It is with these sentiments that we present an event […]

Posted: March 28 2008
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greenhorns expedition : Atlanta and the American Lawn

This a travel journal entry from Severine's trip through Iowa, East Tennessee, and Georgia. ---------- From the Georgia Organics Conference, laden with four pounds of peanuts and two gallons of sorghum syrup from the silent auction, I caught a ride to Atlanta with Farmer Dee. The light was brilliant as the hills of Chattanooga flattened […]

Posted: March 27 2008
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fundraiser in San Francisco

dear California Bay Area greenhorns and friends of the sustainable farming movement, Please join us on Thursday March 27 for a fundraiser in SF. Proceeds go directly to the film. Email agrariana <at> gmail <dot> com for more information.

Posted: March 24 2008
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spring equinox goat birth

Young farmer Novella Carpenter has just welcomed two new Nigerian Dwarf doelings to the world at GhostTown Farm. Here's their birth announcement, and read more about the birth here on Novella's blog City Farmer. "I ran downstairs and Bebe came running up to me, bleating and looking at me with distress. Tail up. That’s always […]

Posted: March 21 2008
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DIY easter eggs

First, Does anyone know how to access to abundance of chocolate bunnies, the day after easter? Please comment on this post if so. Or email farmer (at) thegreenhorns (dot) net. And next, a DIY project for your easter eggs, from friend and kitchen greenhorn Susannah Hornsby of the Ginsberg Historical Society in the East Village […]

Posted: March 19 2008
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participate nominate donate

sign up for our mailing list

Posted: March 16 2008
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help wanted: graphic designers, artists, webmaster and more

Join the fleet! We have been working with the iconic sketches of illustrator Brooke Budner and artist Rosy Keyser, but our need for art and design has exceeded their capacity. We are seeking artists to help with our outreach materials, web-portal design and structure, print work, stickers, tote bags, t-shirts, cd covers, banners and this […]

Posted: March 16 2008
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the greenhorns trailer

[youtube=] A tiny taste of the feature film, The Greenhorns trailer features a small sampling of young farmers whose soil spans from California to Maine. It's meant as a visual primer more than a depiction of the scope of the film. Please help us expand the diversity of farming methods, farmer backgrounds, and ag regions […]

Posted: March 14 2008
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the greenhorns in the news

We're quite excited to see our ideas illuminating the blogosphere this week --- thanks to Kat at Eating Liberally who wrote an eloquent and hopeful post about us called "The Greenhorns: A New Breed of American Idol?," you can find news about The Greenhorns on The Huffington Post. It shows how our work -- uniting […]

Posted: March 11 2008
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greenhorn expeditions: Georgia and East Tennessee

Tennessee ----------- Sandor Katz is a fermentation fetishist. Sandor is a film advisor and elfin-mentor to the project. He lives in a cob cubby set into a hill in rural Tennessee, on a mountain sanctuary of lovely, lively back to the land freaks--almost all of whom relish, covet and evangelize about his three year old […]

Posted: March 10 2008
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greenhorn expeditions: Iowa

The next three posts are Severine’s travel journals from a swoop she just made visiting farms in the midwest, seeking out young farmers and sleeping in their greenhouses in Tennessee, and attending a conference in Georgia, among many other agrarian investigations and pursuits. Iowa --------------------------------- I arrived in Iowa just after a little snow, and […]

Posted: March 8 2008
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more on greenwashing and effecting corporate change

I wrote a blog entry a few days ago inspired by Michael Specter's New Yorker article about consumerism, carbon consciousness, and carbon trading. In the post, I advocated the power of the consumer to demand greener practices from huge companies. But I left out some important players and aspects of the game, which Severine has […]

Posted: March 7 2008
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NYC greenmarket job opportunities

I got my first whiff of spring this weekend at the Greenmarket in Union Square. For a few moments the sun diffused the biting air, and I drank a cold ginger cider from Breezy Hill Orchard and admired dandelion greens and broccoli sprouts and bought 10 pounds of ground sirloin pork from Flying Pigs Farm […]

Posted: March 4 2008
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churches, carbon footprints, and corporate greenwashing

This week's New Yorker includes an article by Michael Specter about consumer pressure forcing large companies to adopt greener practices. Specter claims that "having a large carbon footprint is the modern equivalent of wearing a scarlet letter." It's not just a moral shift in the corporate world, Specter argues, but "the need to placate customers" […]

Posted: February 29 2008
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report from MOSES Organic Farming Conference in Wisconsin

Severine reports in from Wisconsin. I'm at the MOSES Organic Farming conference in downtown Lacrosse, Wisconsin. A wonderful small town in the "riftless" region on the state border with Minnesota and the beginning of the Mississippi river. This region is characterized by glorious limestone bedrock that has eroded into river valleys and lovely forested hills […]

Posted: February 24 2008
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eating high on the (whey-fed) hog

This week a covey of Brooklyn-based Greenhorns contributors sat down together at Marlow and Sons in South Williamsburg. We were there to hear Mateo of Jasper Hill Farm talk about his farming ethos and experience setting up a large-scale affinage operation in Greensboro, Vermont. [ See video Jasper Hill 101 on Diner Journal blog and […]

Posted: February 8 2008
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relic ecologies / a note from Severine from Point Reyes Station

A visit to my fairy godmother's perch in Pt. Reyes Station. Barbara is a lepidopterist, a xercian butterfly gardener, a naturalist, a thinker. She reminds me about the integrity of ecosytems, and the butterflies about the peace of wild things. "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry When despair for the world grows in […]

Posted: January 30 2008
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irresistible bling for the fleet: strida and xtracycle

We're not that into product endorsement. But this Strida collapsible bike is pretty cool, and we do claim to be an articulated mass of cyclists. Areaware just started distributing them in the US, and the best part about it is that you can fold up the Strida bike and put it in the back of […]

Posted: January 29 2008
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Dear Dolly, with regards, from Severine.

A letter to a cloned sheep, pig, broiler or dairy-creature. (Beware: this is satire.) Dear Dolly, Well. It seems that the US Food and Drug Administration, in all its wisdom, has decided that American citizens will be safe eating cloned animal products. Yes Dolly, that means ewe, your lambies, and even your immaculate lactation. Move […]

Posted: January 25 2008
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Letter from Sledge in Mississippi

Read about our visit to Sledge's cotton gin. Dear Severine, I had a wonderful time talking to you and McKay today. I am really encouraged to see young people like you take such an interest in agriculture. The country will be facing major lifestyle changes in the near future as we learn to cope with […]

Posted: January 16 2008
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Ag road trip in the Mississippi Delta

After Christmas Severine came down to my family’s home in Mississippi to do some research on the history and contemporary realities of Southern agriculture. As would befit any visit to the Delta, we ate shrimp & grits, slept in a room over a blues club, and were invited to Sunday lunch at a newly-made friend’s […]

Posted: January 16 2008
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found food / dirt diving

Once you start looking, food is all around you, much of it as daily annoyances: blackberries, dandelions, pigeons and possum, deer, elk and porcupine. The Bear Deluxe Magazine, published by ORLO, an Oregon den of art + enviro-ethos, calls for your found recipes. "What about the fresh, free range and seasonably produced food sources that […]

Posted: January 16 2008
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Resources: recommended reading, viewing, listening and more

One of our goals is to provide young farmers, apprentices, and others with the resources necessary to begin farming or to expand their practice. We think that the knowledge of other Greenhorns will provide ballast and an ideal platform from which to share information. We aim to facilitate this information exchange through establishing a website […]

Posted: December 8 2007
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conspicuous carnivores

In this week's New Yorker, Bill Buford delivers, with his usual finger-licking enthusiasm, a digest of three new books about meat. Though varying in tones of hopeful agrarianism, tongue-in-cheek indulgence, and gritty slaughterhouse realism, these authors (each in his early 40s) all nod to a Greenhorns ethos: you and your butcher should be on a […]

Posted: November 30 2007
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Shooting with the King Corn boys

California: North, Bay and a bit of inland. October 28 - November 5, 2007 This is an account of my first major shoot for The Greenhorns. Really the schedule was a narrative diatribe in the form of an itinerary. Oh, and the sweet spots of great light: 8 am and 5.20pm- when we could get […]

Posted: November 27 2007
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Welcome to The Fleet

The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles is the blog for The Greenhorns, a documentary film about young farmers in America. The purpose it to keep you updated on the progress of the film, to introduce you to the farmers, and to allow the filmmakers to share rants and raves on various happenings in the worlds of […]

Posted: November 21 2007
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