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nominate the best!

Posted: March 28 2008

It is unfortunate that often the best foods cost the most--if you buy them in the city, that is. If you grow your own, its affordable to eat quail eggs.


In season local fruits are frugal.makingmarmelada.jpg
Work like a peasant, eat like a king.
It is with these sentiments that we present an event that showcases the peasant kings, the king peasants, and the finest foods in the nation.

slowfoodnation.jpgGastronomes, groupies, giggling girlie Zinfandelites and galloping sausage beer boy types--- come one come all to the fantastic, slightly spastic, oh so ambitious project of Slow Food USA.

This August, for labor day, join us in San Francisco, the glitter by the bay. SLow FOod Nation.