Agrarian Library

Agrarian Library/Writers-in-Residence, Reversing Hall

The Greenhorns have an amazing 8,000 volume agricultural library— half catalogued at our headquarters in Pembroke.  This library includes a significant collection from Ag-Access, a wonderful publisher of alternative agriculture, agroforestry, and low-input / appropriate technology titles, the entire USDA collection, various periodicals and donations from friends and allies. (big thanks to Nicole Vitello for a complete bound set of “ Growing for Market”) Many of the books are out of copy-right with imagery we’ve used for the New Farmers Almanac.  We focus on topics of interest to beginning farmers:  Agroecology, Geography, Land Studies, history of settlement, trade history, marine ecology,  organic horticulture and practical farm books of all kinds, herbalism/ wildcrafting/ foraging, Cook books, Agriculturally themed children’ books, Agrarian Political Economy, American rural history, Seaweed, female protagonist fiction, female author non-fiction, liberation theology, land reform, science / speculative fiction, boating/ exploration, water politics, architecture/ DIY… it is a lot of books, as well as a large collection of documentary films on agricultural topics.

We are seeking collaborators to help us shelve the books— to build out and customize the donated church pews, help to carve signs, help to finish the digital cataloging, and build out the reading room at our 1896 Odd Fellows Hall at the head of the tide in Pembroke.

Upstairs we have a beautiful ( former ceremonial) room with surround-sound and projector where we host movie nights and live music performances, workshops and presentations.

Here is a panorama of the room before we got the hall.

We have dusted off and archived all the Odd fellows regalia. We’d like to set some of it up as an exhibit on the first floor.

LOOKING FOR TEAM MATES! We hopping that someone/s wonderful will show up, be delighted, come camp at the farm, eat from the garden, kayak, hike and enjoy this beautiful place, and during the heat of the day goes to work on this project with us. We are grateful to have received some grant money from Maine Community Foundation and would be glad to allocate some of it towards this end.

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Check our our exciting collection on LibraryThing here.

Current collection stats:

Maine Sail Freight (49), Greenhorns Library (4,965), Grange Collection (14), Agrarian Democracy Collection (42), All collections (5,008)

Once the library is catalogued, we’ll be accepting applications for “ writers / scholars in residence” to come stay in the yurt and use the library for writing, research, reflection, retreat.
As with our workshops, screenings, camps and live music concerts we hope that this hall can become a place for connection and revival, a ‘Reversing Hall’ to stem the tide of youthful out-migration from agriculture and rural landscapes. We are hopeful that the hall can continue to serve as a meeting place, a cultural place, a lilypad for young farmers looking to settle or re-settle in Washington County, a home for agrarian literary production, and dignified headquarters for our beloved, unconventional, intersectional and unpredictable grassroots organization.