July 20 2024
  • Farm Hack Workshop at Smithereen Farm: Build Your Own Garden Cart

    July 20 2024 - July 21 2024  

    Join us July 20-21, 2024 for a Farm Hack workshop at Smithereen Farm. 

    During this workshop each participant will build their own GARDEN CART, led by Farm Hack Fellow Liz Baumhoff. This farm and garden cart is versatile, hard working, made out of bent, galvanized steel conduit and plywood wheels, and is constructed with easily-acquired materials using basic shop equipment. 

    It is designed to: straddle a standard 30-inch garden bed, hold one level of three harvest crates, easily disassemble and reassemble for ease of transportation, and be cheaper to construct than a standard commercial cart. The inside can easily be skinned in plywood if preferred. Come build with us!

    • There is a $250 fee to cover the cost of materials. Let us know if you are interested but need financial assistance.
    • People under 18 years old are welcome to attend with parent or guardian supervision.
    • Signup deadline is July 7. If you would like to sign up past the deadline, please email Liz at [email protected] to make sure there is room.
    • More details about time and location will be sent to participants. The bulk of the workshop will take place on July 20, with July 21 as an as-needed day for completing the project, clean-up, and conversation.

    Since 2010, Farm Hack has hosted an online repository of open source farm tools, along with meet-ups! Farm Hack is currently in a renaissance and reimagining. Join up and learn more at

    Questions? Contact Liz at: [email protected]
    RSVP REQUIRED, sign up here!

August 3 2024
  • Wild Maine Blueberry Weekend with Odessa Piper

    August 3 2024 - August 4 2024  

     Maine Wild Blueberry Weekend takes place across the state, and we celebrate with a free, family-friendly event on Saturday and Sunday, 10am-3pm both days. 

    Blueberry Weekend Tic-Tac-Toe — Three stops on your blueberry tour of Pembroke!

    All of these locations are bike-able, if you can bring your bike on a rack, you could park at any of the 3 places, and do a lovely loop! There are plenty of places to jump into salty or fresh water along the way!

    1. Wild Blueberry U-Pick at Blueberry Land, our organic blueberry barrens. Special FREE WEEKEND! Typically $4 a pint. 306 Youngs Cove Road 

    2. Handpie Making at the Summer Kitchen at Smithereen Home Farm — Hand Pie Making in the shade, hosted by chef legend Odessa Piper,
    3. to talk and chat about berry cooking of all kinds, sample and savor, roll and press the handpies in the breezy shade, bake in the outdoor wood oven and enjoy a view of Cobscook Bay while chatting with whomever shows up! 767 Leighton Point Road

    4. Blueberry Treats of all kinds at the Smithereen Farm Store — Blueberry popsicles, frozen blueberries, and more! The Farm Store offers a delightful range of local food products, takeaway, sauces, dairy, meat, fish, eggs, candies, tinned fish, camping supplies, a surprising diversity of healthy foods from Washington County and small farms in Maine. 12 Little Falls Road, open 8am-3pm.

    Smithereen Farm Summer Kitchen: 767 Leighton Point Road, Pembroke ME 04666
    Blueberry Land U-Pick: 306 Young's Cove Road, Pembroke ME 04666
    Smithereen Farm Store: 12 Little Falls Road, Pembroke ME 04666

August 17 2024
  • Chokecherry + Fireweed Intensive with Rachel Alexandrou

    August 17 2024 - August 18 2024  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

    Join wild edible plant educator Rachel Alexandrou for a hands-on, immersive workshop identifying, harvesting, processing, cooking and tasting two important, abundant and delicious plants of Downeast, Maine. This weekend-long workshop is meant for anyone interested in learning about how to safely harvest and eat these plants or for those seeking to experience a communal wild food harvest. All levels of experience are welcome. 

    Chokecherry is a prolific, native shrub that is often overlooked in modern North American cuisine. Together we will prepare a brilliant magenta juice and syrup as well as chome cherry bbq sauce. Fireweed is another native fire-loving plant which can be processed into a complex and flavorful tea reminiscent of a fruity, floral black tea. 

    We will end the weekend creating a feast together and tasting the fruits of our labor. Based on the abundance of the hedgerow, and the swiftness of our handiwork, participants may be able to take home a jar of syrup, jam, bbq sauce, or fireweed tea.

    Signup for the workshop here (link coming soon) and then book your stay through Smithereen Farm HipCamp. Campsites with outdoor tent platforms are available for your stay during the workshop. If you have any questions about the workshop, do not hesitate to reach out to Rachel via email: [email protected]

    Rachel Alexandrou is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her education in plant science, and collaborative practice, to create experiential work about food, flora, and innovating human relationships to the natural landscape. Find out more about her @giantdaughter on Instagram or her website for more information on her events around Maine this year.



    • 10–11am — Meet at the outdoor kitchen for breakfast and introductions 
    • 11am–1pm —Fireweed Harvest 
    • 1–2pm — Lunch!
    • 2:30pm — Chokecherry Harvest
    • 4:30pm — Cleaning and Juicemaking in the kitchen 


    • 10am–12pm — participants may join in on the community plantwalk (see below), process fireweed, or enjoy free time swimming etc.
    • 12pm — Lunch 
    • 1pm — Processing Fireweed and cooking chokecherry sauces or any other foraged recipes in the outdoor kitchen
    • 6pm — Wild Feast, Fire and Hangout 

    Community PLANTWALK 
    Sunday August 18 

    Join us Sunday morning for a family friendly wild edible plantwalk at Smithereen Farm. We will meet at the outdoor kitchen and make our way through the gardens and to the shore learning about the wild edible and medicinal plants along the way. Notebooks are highly encouraged during this walk as lots of information will be disseminated. At the end of the walk, participants will be invited to the kitchen for a foraged refreshment. This walk is open to community members, visitors and is included for Fireweed/Chokecherry Workshop participants.

August 18 2024
  • Community Plant Walk with Rachel Alexandrou

    August 18 2024

    More information coming soon!

September 20 2024
  • MOFGA's Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME

    September 20 2024

    We'll be there!