Almanac Submissions

Submissions are now closed for THE NEW FARMER’S ALMANAC, VOLUME VI: ADJUSTMENTS AND ACCOMMODATIONS. Thank you to all who submitted! We go to press in November and are scheduled for a January 2023 release.

We are gearing up for Volume VI of the New Farmer’s Almanac: Adjustments and Accommodations and looking for your essays, interviews, stories, poetry, photography, & artworks!

The New Farmer's Almanac Volume VI: Adjustments and Accommodations, will include works by approximately 100 contributors, selected through an open submission process. Included works seek to recognize collective agency in the face of sizable uncertainties such as: the changing climate, an ongoing culture of land dispossession, a continuing global pandemic, shifting and intensifying weather patterns, and migrations of all species—spurned by political and environmental upheaval. The works in this volume will explore land-based adjustments and accommodations enacted by individuals and groups as they adapt to the constancy of uncertainty and change.

This volume has us seeking to recognize our own collective agency in the face of sizable uncertainties and we’re curious to hear from you. What adjustments and accommodations are you making, scheming, and working on with others?

Send us words and artwork centered on adjustments and accommodations, your reflections and response strategies in our climate-changing & covid-impacted world. Consider how you are altering your urban food system to imagine more equitable access to food; making tweaks to the carbon cycle where you live; creating new materials from seaweed and mushrooms; intercropping as a life practice; planting pollinator patches in the vineyard; practicing transformative finance; getting experimental with your planting plans; sharing dinner as an embodied preservation of cultural foodways; sharing land, rematriating familial excesses, or tuning to the potential of the commons; enacting traditional ecological knowledge; building wildlife corridors for the northward migration of species; creating community forest coalitions or ensuring river connectivity for one small stream near you. 

How to submit:

Our submissions process is now closed. Stay tuned for updates about the 2025 Almanac cycle!

Our initial deadline was in spring of 2022. We go to press in November and are scheduled for a January 2023 release. If you have questions, email us at [email protected].

  • Writers, please fill out this initial query submission form. Include a brief description of the work you’d like to submit, along with a brief sentence or two on your connection to the land. We generally accept up to three pages, or about 700 words in length.
  • Artists, please fill out this initial query form. Here, you’ll upload your images directly. Share your visual materials as 300 dpi grayscale images, formatted as .tiff, .png, or .jpg files.

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We are a small, grant-funded publication, offering a common space for sharing new ideas and being in fellowship. We want to be transparent and share that while all contributors will receive a copy of the book, we are currently unable to offer compensation for submissions.