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The New Farmer’s Almanac, Vol. V 

"Indeed, this collective work shows the way forward will be seeded with songs, built on stories of regeneration and on relations rooted in interconnectedness. It offers a way to navigate toward an environmentally just and equitable world, doling out creative nourishment that sparks the imagination and stokes the belief that humans can be ­– must be – part of nature’s balance."

- Kate Spring of Good Heart Farmstead for Maine Organic Farmer's and Gardeners

"This is a great winter treasure trove to dip into by the woodstove after darkness brings you in from the fields. Or to absorb you on snowy days. Or to leave by a frequently visited seat (!) for browsing. It’s a compilation of pictures and writings as an antidote to helplessness. Here you will find reports from the fields, shores, woods, beehives, kitchens, watersheds, and compost piles."

- Pam Dawling, Author of Sustainable Market Farming

The New Farmer’s Almanac, Vol V
is an antidote to the repeating story of helplessness in the face of climo-politico-econo-corona-chaos. In these pages, dozens of contributing writers and artists report from the seas, the borders, the woods, the fields, and the hives. Farmers, poets, grocers, gardeners, architects, activists, agitators—all join forces to re-vision the future of food systems and land use. This is our Grand Land Plan.

The solutions unfurl before us. First, recovery: farmers and food networks reflect on local resiliency and logistics from the time of COVID-19. Next, resistance: we invite readers to consider arguments for land reform, for the localization of food systems, for policy change in the forest and on the farm, for solidarity and sovereignty. We share reporting on restoration projects, from interstate roadsides to intertidal zones to our civic institutions. There are lessons from honeybees. Designs for the seaweed commons and for sanctuary. Together, these thinkers turn their—and our—attention to the long future.

The New Farmer’s Almanac is a large-scale inquiry both visual and literary. Along with words, readers will find field maps, farm comics, photo essays, scores for restoration, illustrations from the archives, and dozens of other curiosities. Join us in exploring principles and strategies for just, adaptive, resourceful, and responsive land use for all.

Contributors to Volume V include farmer activist Karen Washington; oyster whisperer and ecologist Anamarija Frankic; Elizabeth Hoover of Good Warrior Seeds; permaculturist and author Tao Orion; conservation scientist and author Lauren Oakes; and soil scientists, regenerative farmers, savanna restorationists, landscape architects, poets, print makers, illustrators, and photographers from around the US and Earth.

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