Winter Stays & Rentals

Want to spend the winter working on your creative endeavors or life transition while living in quiet remote rural Maine – surrounded by icy rivers, trails, amazing beaches, historic towns, 22 foot tides, howling coyotes, and a library of books?

Greenhorns/Smithereen farm offers affordable, warm cozy rooms in our farmhouses in Downeast Maine for the winter. These accommodations will especially call to artists, librarians, researchers, creative land-workers. From October through May we’re offering our extra rooms for rent with shared bathrooms (shared with at most 3 housemates.) Housing includes access to common rooms, plenty of space for studio/desks, utilities, fast wifi at Reversing Hall, a carpenter shop, sewing machines, video projection space and access to our wonderful agricultural library. These houses are basic but furnished, with cooking facilities, refrigerators, hot showers, etc. They are neither fancy nor hip.

We’re still setting up our farm store but we will have homegrown potatoes, garlic, frozen blueberries, frozen mackerel, frozen garden veggies. We are also close by to Tide Mill Farm which has raw organic milk, frozen meats, and more.

Who We Seek:
We are especially keen to house those self-reliant artist types who can fix it when it's broken and warm it when it's cold. This is a place where having a car is pretty important as is being sensible in navigating the hazards of frozen roads and winter hazards. It means being kind and considerate of rural neighbors, and taking precautions not to fall into trouble, as there are very few emergency services here to save you. GPS navigation systems are NOT reliable up here, you will need to use a Maine Gazeteer so that you don’t get lost in the woods.

We welcome groups of people hoping to share a house, individuals, and couples. Before you come, we will set up an interview, sign a formal lease and take a small security deposit in case of damage. You are welcome to carry renters insurance.

To apply please send to [email protected]:

  • A letter of interest (including what project you are working on and your credentials for withstanding a New England winter)
  • 2 personal references