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Office Manager

About Greenhorns

We believe our agricultural system needs reform, that we need hundreds of thousands more people to join us in the work of agro-ecology, market gardening, urban forestry, agro-forestry, regenerative ranching, ecological restoration, nurseries, orchards, food justice and rural revival. This work can take many forms—Greenhorns’ mission is to create a welcoming cultural space and a practical professional resource for the incoming generation.

We make books, films, radio, parties, symposia, workshops, networking events, and online curriculum. We are based in rural Maine where we farm and host programming and campers, but this work extends nationally and internationally.

Staggering statistics drive us: 40% of earth’s terrestrial ecosystems are made up of farmed land, of which nearly 30% is degraded by unsustainable farming. More than 30% of carbon emissions come from our food system, not to mention pollution, erosion, poison, injustice, habitat destruction, and the undermining of earth’s living fabric. 70% of farmland in the US is owned by those over 65 years of age. 98% of rural land is owned by white people. 17% of US children are food insecure.

Transitioning our farming systems is a multi-generational project. It is physical, it is technical, it is spiritual. This work re-animates our relationship with our home and watershed, helping us tune into the destiny and the immediacy of the land that feeds us. The work of repair is a collective one- Greenhorns occupy ourselves with storytelling, skill building, network-creating and animation of the young farmers movement.

Who We Seek

Greenhorns seeks a kind, thoughtful, well-organized and highly motivated individual to support the work of our core team in Maine. We are looking for someone who finds joy in making order, designing systems, and improving processes. The ideal candidate will have wide ranging experience in an office setting, be a digital whiz, and have a basic understanding of finance and nonprofit administration. They will be attentive to detail, responsible for their work, and proactive in identifying and solving problems. Since part of this work is supporting the production of media, there are quite a lot of relationships to manage– this means finding, filing, retrieving and evaluating specific pieces of information related to programs, workshops, teachers, podcasts, episodes, film shoots, insurance filings, licensure etc. It is a project of wrangling all these many moving parts in support of the whole. A successful candidate will possess strong oral and written communication skills, be comfortable in a position of co-authorship around their duties and office procedures, and contribute to a collaborative and trusting work culture.

Our current Office Manager is migrating to Development Director having set up good systems, will be training and onboarding you into this critical role. He is here in the office to get you started.

Reports to:

Executive Director


  • Manage bi-weekly payroll
  • Process incoming office emails, respond in a timely manner
  • Maintain website; content creation, updates, and e-commerce management
  • Develop and execute external communications, primarily via email (quarterly)
  • Process invoices, accounts payable; work with bookkeeper to ensure accuracy
  • Keep HR records and assist with staff management
  • Enforce personnel policies
  • Maintain physical and digital filing systems
  • Assist Executive Director with scheduling and planning
  • Coordinate IT needs with contractors
  • Organize, monitor, and manage insurance, legal documents, tax documents, etc
  • Interface with fiscal sponsor, bank partners, and workshop facilitators
  • Support Summer Workshop series with logistics and technical support
  • Other duties as assigned


Greenhorns is based in rural Pembroke, Maine in spaces rented from and shared with Smithereen Farm and other entities. The spaces include a farmhouse, Odd Fellows Hall, timber frame summer kitchen for workshops, old mining lodge turned into a farm shop, a commercial kitchen, old motel, 4 greenhouses, blueberry fields, cranberry bogs, 2 orchards and several houses for staff and guests. In addition to the farm and educational program we run an agri-tourism and U-pick business here, so there are many visitors with questions.

We have a wonderful team of people who will rely on you to stay calm, cool and collected and get the critical administration work taken care of in a timely fashion. As a working farm and active construction site, the workplace is dynamic with a 6 person team flowing through the office. We host teachers, students, guests, animals, vegetables, and did I mention we are fighting a metallic mine. With such a short season and such a diversity of activities, often there is urgency to get in the harvest, meet the deadline, plant before the rain etc. We work hard and fast. There is also an abundance of great food, beautiful views, forests to explore.

The ideal human for this role is comfortable in a fast paced environment and can quickly shift from Excel spreadsheets to carrying crates of food up to the timber frame kitchen for a workshop lunch, to uploading the photos to the journalist on deadline, to preparing for a film crew, to getting historical imagery to a graphic designer, to figuring out permitting for a trail along the river. Our team is small and highly collaborative; staff will often help each other with tasks even when not in their normal purview. Flexibility, humility, independence, and a willingness to learn and be a part of the “big picture” are all attributes that we are looking for in a successful candidate, ideally living close by or else renting a space from the farm and living in the village itself.

Preferred Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google + Apple Calendar
  • Basic understanding of accounting practices
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • LastPass
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with a few times that would work for you for a phone interview.

Work Environment

Onsite in rural Pembroke, ME

Hourly Pay

$25-30/hr, full time, pay depending on experience

Media Coordinator

Greenhorns works across many media- New Farmers Almanac, guidebooks, a podcast series with Bioneers, a film series called, in-person workshops that get documented, teach-ins that get filmed. All of this adds up to an impressive archive and the need to digest, process, edit, format, design and deliver this media to our target audience: the incoming generation of farmers in our network. We are seeking a multi-talented human who loves working across media, across multiple platforms either here in Maine or else remotely— to weave and primp, archive and liaise, edit and deploy the various forms of theatrical, literary, pedagogical and promotional materials of our universe.

We have been doing this work for 15 years, so there is also a project to work with the backed up archive to create a 15 year anniversary film that positions us for our upcoming capital campaign. We have 13 workshops this season, and 4 new episodes of Earthlife ready to format and upload. We want someone with us who can be right there to get the reporters the right format of media when they ask for it, and help the old ladies log into the zoom cam.

We want someone with grassroots commitment and some real world experience in handling the various programs and formats and hold down the switch board as we move cargo from the funicular to the narrow gauge to the parade wagon and into the backpacks and iPhones of an irresistible fleet of podcast-listening, comic book flipping, seed planting, multi-tasking young agrarians. Are you this person?

Reports to:

Executive Director


Essential Skills

  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • iMovie
  • Canva
  • Hard Drive maintenance and organization

Preferred Skills

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Film and/or photography skills
  • SEO
  • Social media analytics

Work Environment

Onsite, Remote, or Hybrid

Hourly Pay

$20-30/hr, depending on experience

How to Apply

Email office(at) with attached PDF copies of your resume and cover letter.

Greenhorns is an equal opportunity employer.