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Part-time project manager, Greenhorns

Greenhorns is a 16-year-old non-profit organization. Greenhorns creates multi-media and educational experiences to enliven the lives of new farmers and agrarians. This includes film, radio, workshops, panels, exhibits, brochures, posters, panels, maps etc.

Please familiarize yourself with the work that we do, and send us a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. We suggest you come for a weekend to ‘meet the place’ and the people involved to see if it is a fit. Remember this is a super rural place, and the work we are doing is intersectional by nature: agriculture/art/education/activism/local economy/grassroots media—so there are many overlapping skillsets and types of people involved, getting along with people is a big part of the job.

Reports to:

Greenhorns director Severine von Tscharner Welcome


This role includes administration, bill pay, scheduling, hosting, facilitating, co-project management of these media projects and the coalitions of humans it takes behind the scenes. The position also helps with the yearly summer program series, handling the registration and sign ups, welcoming the teachers, and updating the website. The position also helps with communications and outreach for these programs, managing the Mailchimp and the newsletter prep and deployment, mailing out flyers and posters, sending info to the advertisers. This is a great position for someone who loves creative management of many creative people working together for a diverse set of projects, keeping track of moving balls and keeping everyone on target. It is a very social role, but it also means being the “buck stops here” person, making sure deliverables are accomplished and coaching the diverse talents towards holistic success.


We use the following, and it's great if you have knowledge of most of these, or the ability to learn.

  • Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms)
  • Trello
  • WordPress
  • Instagram, Facebook

Work Environment

This position is part-time with possibility to move to full time in the spring. On-site based in Pembroke, Maine. The ideal candidate is either residential on our campus or within close driving distance so that they can be in the office to interact with all the humans, manage filing and paperwork and be close to the workflow.

Hourly Pay

Starts at $28/hour.

Fellow, Farm Hack

This position is remote, with in-person time required in Pembroke, Maine during May-October, 2024

We are looking to hire a multi-talented and committed human passionate about agroecology, low-tech and open source farm tools, and the convening of a unique constellation of energies to bring forth the next phase of the organization and generative sharing culture we know as FARM HACK.

Farm Hack has existed as a grassroots platform for open source tools since 2009, incubated by the National Young Farmers Coalition, Greenstart, Greenhorns, and in partnership with wonderful humans from across the USA. With more than thirty meet-ups and more than one million website visitors, it has been a hub and repository for great thinking over the years. But, it has yet to live up to its full potential. Now the mission is to approach the next phase of development and articulation in concert with the food sovereignty/tech sovereignty movement as it exists all over the world.

The US Farm Hack board of advisors has instigated a reboot with support from 11th Hour Project and are hiring for a FARM HACK FELLOW starting in December 2023. This position is the central point for the re-organization and revival of the US Farm Hack project, as informed by the meet-up of Tech Sovereignty movements in Rome in 2023, and with support from a wide network of advisors and collaborators.

Interested candidates should do their research on the history of the project and its likely trajectories, write a thoughtful letter of interest, and send with your resume including examples of relevant work experience to [email protected]. The application will be considered by Farm Hack advisory board members.

Reports to:

Farm Hack advisory board members


Focus areas shared by stakeholders are:

  • designing and facilitating great in-person tool building workshops accessible to farmers
  • leveraging our work within sustainable agriculture information ecosystem with an exhibit about the kinds of tools that already exist
  • supporting the network of tool makers with outreach and promotion.

These priorities have been much discussed by core advisory team and at a recent convening in Rome, Italy with other open-source farm projects. There is flexibility according to the interests of the Fellow.

We are of course open to other ideas and suggestions and the role of this human is to convene, interrogate, develop, describe, coordinate, and move forward the motley crew of collaborators that constitutes the Farm Hack community. It is a great role for someone who loves this kind of work, and there is a lot of material to work with in terms of historic relationships, wonderful tools, a great set of spaces and partners, and an international movement that nourishes and inspires us.

This position has an Executive Director quality, but also a grassroots “chief bottle washer” quality—i.e. you will be able to define the scope, but also be able to assemble and install the fixtures of our web-based infrastructure and physical campus—drawing more talent and building up the team. You will be supported in this work by the Farm Hack board of advisors as well as others that you bring in.


The talents needed are: organizational startup skills, network and partnership building capacity, technical and computer skills (i.e. background in engineering, design, management, education) to help document, update and maintain our database of useful farm tools and technologies.

Work Environment

This role can be remote but would benefit greatly from significant in-person time at the Greenhorns headquarters in Downeast Maine, especially during the active summer workshop/residency season of May to October, 2024. Housing and lab space are available on our campus, which boasts many working and living spaces.

Hourly Pay


How to Apply

Email office(at) with attached PDF copies of your resume and cover letter.

Greenhorns is an equal opportunity employer.