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northwest food co-op is redesigning local food distribution

FULL ARTICLE LINK: NORTHWEST CO-OP BUILDS FOR A LOCAL FOOD FUTURE BEYOND BIG AG The Local Inland Northwest Cooperative (LINC), a worker and farmer owned food hub, is reimagining the food system of the community of Spokane, WA. LINC is both an online and physical marketplace "where restaurants, schools, grocery stores, hospitals and individual shoppers […]

Posted: November 19 2020
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farmer influencers on youtube, nyt article explains

In this New York Times article published August 7, 2020, author Ellen Barry describes the up and coming phenomenon of farmers sharing and streaming farm life content via YouTube, to gain an online audience and generate advertising revenues to support the farm. This phenomenon is in motion for us Greenhorns, as well, with our grassroots […]

Posted: August 7 2020
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Regenerative Farming in New Zealand

How regenerative farming can serve as a tool for global sustainable development Author John Mccrone recently wrote an article concerning New Zealand’s prospects for regenerative farming in Stuff, a New Zealand news and media site. In it, he situates regenerative farming within the framework of New Zealand’s farming future. Mccrone highlights global challenges and trends: […]

Posted: May 20 2020
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Small Grains Report

In February 2016, Greenhorns hosted a group of innovators in small-scale grains projects at Paicines Ranch, California for a first-of-its-kind convening. We brought together these 40 farmers, millers, bakers and food activists for the purpose of discerning the trends and needs of the local grain movement. Our aim was to support relationship-building and networking amongst […]

Posted: June 4 2018
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farminaries - from souls to stomachs, seminaries are looking to expand their reach

There is a growing recognition in both the faith and farming communities, of the opportunities for both to work together. Greenhorns recognized this and partnered with members from a diverse range of faith communities to hold our Faith Lands conference in California this coming March. We have connected with farmers and faith leaders from all […]

Posted: February 1 2018
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grass roots farmers’ cooperative guide to overcoming the barriers for beginning farmers

Howdy! Cody Hopkins, here. I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for the Greenhorns on behalf of Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative. We’re a group of pasture-based livestock farmers operating under a single set of animal husbandry standards and selling our meats under the same brand. Of the many exciting endeavors our cooperative has set out to […]

Posted: January 24 2018
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how does change happen on the land?

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship just published this great article about Severine!  There is a question we need to ask when talking about food production. The question is, “Who is telling what story, and on whose behalf?” Is it a story that goes with dinner? Or does it perhaps focus on the “We feed the world” […]

Posted: November 23 2017
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why rural farming matters to the city

The following article was submitted to the Greenhorns by Freya Yost. Freya is Director of Operations at Cloudburst Foundation, an Italian-based non-profit working closely with the Commonwealth to address climate change and meet the UN SDGs. Her background is in information science, specializing in areas of government information and policy, open source technologies, and digital rights […]

Posted: November 21 2017
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young farmers on church land

You have have read about our upcoming Faith Lands conference in our newsletter during the week. The purpose of the gathering is to connect landowning faith groups with landless young farmers. We want to help create a network that will help nativiate some of the complex issues that can arise in these situations. We are […]

Posted: November 17 2017
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rich people farming

The NY Times published an interesting article recently about Kimbal Musk's (brother of Elon) foray into farming. Mr. Musk is promoting a philosophy he calls “real food,” which nourishes the body, the farmer and the planet. It doesn’t sound much different than what writers like Michael Pollan and everyone who has ever helped start a […]

Posted: October 30 2017
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lessons from a culinary workforce development program

Berkeley Food Institute Community Engagement and Leadership Fellow and Sociology PhD student Carmen Brick, writes about her experience with workforce development programs for the BFI blog. From the outset, Carmen was aware of the perceived issues with workforce development programmes which are often criticized on the basis that they teach soft rather than hard skills […]

Posted: October 27 2017
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read: with only 60 years of harvests left, how do we transform our food systems?

Elise Wach from the Indie Farmer wrote an article published last week that explores the necessary trajectory of the future of farming. At a time when industrial agricultural systems are depleting our soil and placing quantity of produce and profit before quality and ecological health, this discussion is crucial. She also addresses the myths and […]

Posted: October 24 2017
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the peasantry fight for control

In a recent article about the 1917 February and subsequent October Revolutions, Jacobin magazine discuss how, as in so many other revolutions, boiling point was reached in the fields and among the peasant class. The peasants were discounted by many at the time, on the right and left alike as ignorant and unimportant, or in […]

Posted: October 23 2017
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black farmer from charlottesville address the subtle racism that he faces in his community.

Chris Newman is a farmer in Charlottesville working towards a sustainable, healthy and organic future for his family and community. Yet despite this, Chris, as a black man faces racial profiling and discrimination on a regular basis. He has been attracting a lot of attention lately due to his recent facebook post that called out […]

Posted: August 23 2017
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watch: national young farmers coalition lindsey lusher shute's fantastic statement before the senate.

[youtube] We are so proud of Lindsey Luscher Shute after her outstanding performance before the senate committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. She did a fantastic job of representing the struggles facing young farmers, from land access and affordability, student loan debt, health care affordability to the bias against women and people of color […]

Posted: August 10 2017
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transnational corporations, factory farms and the economic colonization of rural america

John Ikerd, August 3rd, 2017, In These Times  "The sense of impotence and dread in rural America is a consequence of decades of economic extraction and exploitation carried out in the guise of rural economic development. Rural areas are suffering the consequences of prolonged “economic colonization”—a term typically used in reference to neoliberal economic development […]

Posted: August 7 2017
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SAFN award deadlines extended until july 28th 2017

The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition has just announced that the deadlines for both the Christine Wilson Award and the Thomas Marchione Award have been extended until July 28th. Eligible candidates do not need to be either an anthropologist or a member of SAFN to apply. The Thomas Marchione award is presented […]

Posted: July 21 2017
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letter from keep the soil in organics!

Dave Champan from Keep the Soil in Organics discusses the movement and the latest developments at the Nation Organic Standards Board.

Posted: May 10 2017
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the shortage of livestock veterinarians is reaching "crisis levels"

Even after the lamb comes, the ewe continues to strain. Sticky with afterbirth, the ram lamb calls to his mother in quavering tenor, but though she lifts her head in his direction and lets out a low moan of response, her heaving sides won’t let her rise and go to him. In the compounded darkness […]

Posted: May 9 2017
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accessible innovation

An interesting wind powered sailing initiative that is documenting different low-tech solutions from around the world.

Posted: May 8 2017
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the small farmers journal sends their thanks

Supporting agrarian knowledge one over-sized journal at a time.

Posted: April 19 2017
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a mushroom with a story

A journey through the underworld of life and capitalism to find inspiration in precarious places.

Posted: April 7 2017
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how to be your own light in the age of trump

In the Age of Trump, it's important to never forget who you are. Write your biography!

Posted: April 6 2017
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the open source ethos in agroecology

A great read on open source in agroecology-- its history, potential, and-- ultimately-- its utter necessity.

Posted: April 5 2017
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a market for mutton "would change everything"

Move over Lamb Chop: a market for mutton could be a huge boon for New England farmers.

Posted: April 3 2017
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wages, immigration, and a labor shortage on california farms

Why are California farms struggling with a labor shortage?

Posted: March 30 2017
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insights from peaceful resistance

"...why the things are what they are, how the things would be if they were as they should be, and how a path can be made from the things as they are to the things as they should be." These are the words of Peter Maurin who, along with Dorothy Day, cofounded the Catholic Worker […]

Posted: March 29 2017
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farm or three ring circus? maybe both

In this feature on the Brooklyn Grange, one of the premier urban farms in the country, we ask: are there ways that rural and urban farms can work together to reform the food system?

Posted: March 27 2017
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it's art, it's recycle, it's fuel, it's interfaith, it's awesome

A great initiative coming out of Amsterdam, that brings a community, professionals, and artists together to solve a food waste challenge

Posted: March 11 2017
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thinking like a commoner

Author and activist David Bollier makes a case for commons based economics.

Posted: March 6 2017
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save the rainforest: revisiting an old battle

Stay vigilant: "Save the Rainforest" is not a past decade's issue.

Posted: March 4 2017
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staple bedside reading material

Greenhorns, we want to point you in the direction of two texts on contemporary farm life! The first is The Journal if Peasant Studies, a publication that focuses rural politics and development. If you're a farmer, researcher, activist, or just plain curious about the breadth of the agrarian perspectives this is a great starting point! You can download […]

Posted: March 3 2017
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more reasons why bees are awesome

New research demonstrates bees pack more smarts into their tiny little brains than we thought.

Posted: March 2 2017
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california is blessed with rains, but what about other regions?

California may be climbing out of its drought, but much of West Africa is struggling with the effects 0f climate change.

Posted: February 24 2017
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agrarian economics: a letter from a young farmer

I met Kevin Morin in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, a town on the outskirts of Montreal, and home to some of the last vestiges of agricultural land on the island metropolis. At the time Kevin was working for the Cooperative farm Tournesol. Recently Keven and Nikaela Lange both won the Beingessner Award for Excellence in Writing for essays outlining hopes for the new […]

Posted: February 24 2017
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the four horsemen of the good food movement

The Four Horsemen of the Good Food Movement: identifying weaknesses to make the movement stronger!

Posted: February 23 2017
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greenhorns feature: resilient farming in a changing new england

Liza Bemis grows veggies on her great-great grandfather's farm and spoke with us about how to create and maintain resilient farms in an ever-changing world.

Posted: February 22 2017
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before you throw rocks, read this book

Tech companies and the digital economy don't have to be all bad!

Posted: February 22 2017
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rerural: notes on engaging with our towns

In a time of heated rhetoric and disillusion how do we find ways to participate and join in with the communities and rural populations that we are moving to?

Posted: February 15 2017
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know your abattoir: there's a shortage of local slaughterhouses, and it's kind of a big problem

There's a bottleneck problem in sustainable meat: increasingly more producers and consumers and fewer slaughterhouses equipped to get meat from one to the other.

Posted: February 10 2017
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