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young farmers on church land

Posted: November 17 2017

Farmer 06 EKM.jpeg

credit: Emily Michot at the Miami Herald ([email protected])

You have have read about our upcoming Faith Lands conference in our newsletter during the week. The purpose of the gathering is to connect landowning faith groups with landless young farmers. We want to help create a network that will help nativiate some of the complex issues that can arise in these situations. We are not the first to have this thought however, and we are delighted to see that there are already relationships blossoming between these two diverse groups. Once such example can be seen in the collaboration between Moses Kashem and the St. Simon's Episcopal church as reported by the Miami Herald this week.

St. Simon's Episcopal church was going broke. It's a tiny squat building on 4 acres of land in south Miami-Dade County, with a tiny congregation. That's when a new member of the congregation, Moses Kashem, came up with an idea. A young farmer, he asked the church elders to give him half an acre to farm specifically for local restaurants and chefs, and he already has signed up several chefs to purchase his produce.

Thank you to Nurya Parish one of our collaborative partners in the organising of the upcoming Faith Leaders gathering for bringing this lovely story to our attention!
Click HERE to watch a short video where Moses talks about his experience and to read the full article.