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farmer influencers on youtube, nyt article explains

Posted: August 7 2020
NYT article: In a Wistful Age, Farmers Find a New Angle: Chore TV

In this New York Times article published August 7, 2020, author Ellen Barry describes the up and coming phenomenon of farmers sharing and streaming farm life content via YouTube, to gain an online audience and generate advertising revenues to support the farm. This phenomenon is in motion for us Greenhorns, as well, with our grassroots media production. Brace yourselves for the launch of EARTHLIFE, coming soon!

From the article:

Though Mr. Gold sells poultry and eggs from his duck farmin Vermont’s northeast corner, most of what he produces as a farmer is, well, entertainment.

Mr. Gold, who is short and stocky, with the good-natured ease of a standup comedian, does his chores while carrying a digital camera in one hand and murmuring into a microphone.

Then, twice a week, like clockwork, he posts a short video on YouTube about his exploits as a neophyte farmer, often highlighting failures or pratfalls. Keeping a close eye on analytics, he has boosted his YouTube audiences high enough to provide a steady advertising revenue of around $2,500 to $4,000 a month, about eight times what he earns from selling farm products.

Photo by Hilary Swift for the New York Times