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honoring amigo bob cantisano: organic movement trail-blazer and earth champion

Posted: January 28 2021

As his son Brook reflects, it was Amigo and “a handful of visionaries that saw a better way to produce and consume the food we eat. These are the people you all need to thank as you wander the aisles of Costco picking up organically labeled cans of beans, bags of non GMO corn chips and RBT-free jugs of milk. None of this awoke culture would exist if it wasn’t for the Amigos of the world tirelessly trudging through the farmlands... spending weeks at a time away from his family spreading the gospel of organic. He lived and worked the life of a traveling a rock-star with few of its hero’s accolades.”

Amigo Bob's influence was worldwide, but his impact on Nevada County, and on Sierra Harvest, has helped to shape our community’s approach to organic, local food, and how to respect our beautiful landscape.