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help wanted: graphic designers, artists, webmaster and more

Posted: March 16 2008

burlap.jpgJoin the fleet! We have been working with the iconic sketches of illustrator Brooke Budner and artist Rosy Keyser, but our need for art and design has exceeded their capacity.
We are seeking artists to help with our outreach materials, web-portal design and structure, print work, stickers, tote bags, t-shirts, cd covers, banners and this blog. It really helps if you have access to a scanner and are literate with the photoshop modality, but pen and paper work also.
We are interested in the lasting motifs of abundance and connection.
We are interested in the fusion of classical garlands and punk rock messaging.
We are interested to learn what you might have thought about these issues.
We also need help maintaining our website and building a database of young farmer case studies online. If you would like to offer your imagination and skills please get in touch with us by emailing
agrariana (at) gmail (dot) com.