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spring equinox goat birth

Posted: March 21 2008

Young farmer Novella Carpenter has just welcomed two new Nigerian Dwarf doelings to the world at GhostTown Farm. Here's their birth announcement, and read more about the birth here on Novella's blog City Farmer.
Orla, 1 pound
"I ran downstairs and Bebe came running up to me, bleating and looking at me with distress. Tail up. That’s always a sign of pending birth. But I thought it wouldn’t be for another two weeks! Luckily, I’m obsessive, so I had all the supplies—the iodine, the petroleum jelly, gloves, towels, bottles, colostrum, beet pulp and oats—ready to go." Keep reading...
Spring is here…a bit early.
We joyfully welcomed two new Nigerian Dwarf doelings
to GhostTown Farm:
Weighing 1 pound
Georgina Blaze
Weighing 1.3 pounds
Georgina Blaze
on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2008 at 3:30pm
Half Pint Bebe and National Hero are the proud parents
We hope they'll be champion milkers!
With Love,
Farmer Novella