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the greenhorns update!

Posted: April 21 2008

Dear allies, advisors, activists, agriculturalists.
Thank you for being a part of this network. You may well have already helped us feed fundraiser guests, wash dishes, stuff envelopes, or overcome existential crisis. We are so grateful for your advice, contributions and tremendous hard work.
Together we form a sizable, growing piece of the young farmer movement. Our greenhorn cornucopia is interwoven by microscopic hyphae, fiber-optic savvy, ancient genetic impulses, and a motivation that cannot quite be explained in economic terms. We are the future of farming in this country.
We are spreading the awareness that young farmers are a uniquely potent demographic of fearless agency. We are a cavalry of sustainability. We are gentle rangers sleek as foxes, searching out the cubbies of deep soil, nestling in dens and defending our turf. As we roll out over the countryside in tractors, pickups, and bicycles, our ears are tuned to the whistle of the hills, deaf to the incredulity of monoculture capitalists. We are the avant guard of the next phase in American agriculture, the next nurturers of this great land that feeds us.
By hook or by crook greenhorns get access to the land, access to the knowledge, access to the spiritual certainty at the core of a farmer's life. We've tasted the magic.  We planted the magic. And we do it lovingly, for the sake of the sweet downy underbellies of baby chicks, for the clod crumbling of seed beds, for the mineralized sparkle of pickaxes in new orchards, for the fair air, the smooth wheelbarrow, the speckled egg, the tiny paw-prints, the stillness of morning and stars fading.
And, as you know, we are making a feature-length documentary film! We've posted our trailer online (watch the trailer here) and have submitted a 23 minute short to the Slow Food on Film Festival.  We can pick up the camera again once we raise $300,000.  Yes. It is a lot!  We're sending out our prospecti, made of recycled materials, which include a DVD of the trailer, the NY Times article, a Nominate a Farmer form, the film's budget, stickers, seeds, and a few production stills.  Also an address where donors can send the money! If you'd like to donate to this valorous vision, please email Severine at severine@pixiepoppins.org

We'll be hosting fundraising parties on May 3 and August 27th in San Francisco. 
We'll be sure to post more information on our blog www.thegreenhorns.wordpress.com.

We've been delighted recently with some encouraging press and hope this will help our fundraising efforts as well as spreading the message on young farmer's burgeoning prowess in America. 
The New York Times Leaving the Trucker Hat Behind
The Huffington Post The Greenhorns: A New Breed of American Idol 
and The Ethicurean Sowing the Seeds of Revolution
Thank you for being a part of the fleet. Please do send in any comments, suggestions or existential quandaries so that we can include them in our emerging philosophy, political platform, and rhetorical megaphone. May this season bring just enough sunshine, just enough rain, and just enough adventure.
yours in the revival, 
The Greenhorns.

Things to look forward to:
>>Poster+ Post-Card Production: 
 A "Serve your country food"- recruitment poster
Young farmer census to determine how many young farmers already exist in America. We already have about 2,000 young farmers in our database, but are hoping to get a fairly accurate, quantitative accounting of our demographic. We'll distribute these post-cards and invite young farmers to mail them into our headquarters. This way we can map where in the country the young farmers are and how the word spreads geographically. This might be happening in collaboration with Organic Gardening magazine.
>>Young farmers policy platform:
The Greenhorns are co-authoring an open letter to the presidential candidates about what young farmers need to succeed in feeding the next generation of eaters + citizens.
>>Young farmer mid-summer rabbit roast:
On the eastern seaboard, Saturday, July 12, we'll be having a mid-summer's rabbit roast. There will be watercress sandwiches, barn dance, and performance by fabulous young farmers and famous musicians.
Bales of Hay. Mustard dribbles. Interactive young farmer policy exhibit. Radio piece production. Tomatoes? If we are lucky.
>>Young Farmer Conference at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY :
5-6 December 2008, www.stonebarns.org 
With workshops, speakers, toolkits, seed swap, video events, film screenings, barn dance, canoodling, and yummy yummy food.  More details as they emerge.
>>To nominate a farmer, click here www.thegreenhorns.net/nominate