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farmers with aprons participate!

Posted: May 14 2008
An urban ally of young farmer cuisine has taken the initiative to make a book, a cook book from the recipes of young farmers. From the irreverant vegetal concoctions of late afternoon, and the plug and chug breakfasts from too many eggs. Please, share your favorite dishes with her, and she'll organize them, photograph them, and use them to win the hearts and minds of cooking mothers, epicure dads, and potentially agrarian college students. Please, may the revelations of your own kitchen sink--the sauces made from seeded tomatoes, the elderflower cordial, the strawberry bread pudding, the zillionth zuchinni fry-up. I think that Johanna wants a photograph from each farmer whose recipe makes it into the book --another opportunity to show off your muscles and heart to that twelve year old spoon-licker with dirty fingernails. May she farm with us!
By the way, has everyone seen Mary Jane's Farm, she sells organic camping food at Walmart! Gingham aproned superstar!  Please email your submissions to Johanna Smith, [email protected].