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Letter from Sledge in Mississippi

Posted: January 16 2008

Read about our visit to Sledge's cotton gin.
Dear Severine,
I had a wonderful time talking to you and McKay today. I am really encouraged to see young people like you take such an interest in agriculture.
The country will be facing major lifestyle changes in the near future as we learn to cope with dwindling and ever more expensive resources. I am concerned at the moment that there is no real public media campaign to conserve. Atlanta is facing a major water crisis for example and there seems to be no plan to solve it involving conservation.
I have not eaten the mushrooms yet---I did find my mushroom book and I feel sure they are oysters. A conformation from an expert would be better!
Although I farm using the latest technology and GM seeds, I am very interested in what you are doing. Please keep me updated on your work.
Sledge’s officeI also hope you will return to the farm again. There is a lot to see and we only scratched the surface in our agricultural discussions.
Take care.