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young agrarian groundswell!

Posted: May 12 2008

Pardon us while we sound a trumpet.  The young farmer movement is taking root--roots deepening everyday in healthy soil and healthy communities.  Young farmers are in the public sphere--the NY TIMES and LA TIMES and KPFA Radio.  They are bridging the generational gap, farming in cities and suburbs, squatting land to farm, and negotiating partnerships to farm--farming by any means possible.  This might be the gateway impulse that leads others down the garden path--along the personal and professional trajectories of sustainability.  This brings us to our very good friend Zoe Ida Bradbury.

Zoe is an ally and multi-level hero.  She is a greenhorns collaborator and young farmer out in Oregon.  She is documenting her experiences in Diary of a Young Farmer over at Edible Portland.  Her stories are wonderful springtime reading--if only there were time in the spring!
Oh grand emergence--little sprout, without doubt. Thanks for your simple, purposeful, lucky little gesture.