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NYC greenmarket job opportunities

Posted: March 4 2008

I got my first whiff of spring this weekend at the Greenmarket in Union Square. For a few moments the sun diffused the biting air, and I drank a cold ginger cider from Breezy Hill Orchard and admired dandelion greens and broccoli sprouts and bought 10 pounds of ground sirloin pork from Flying Pigs Farm to make into sausage and serve at the Greenhorns fundraiser.

There were pussy willow branches, the famous knife-hawker who still advertises his wares on the sidewalk, oysters, goat cheese, lamb, cinnamon buns, succulents, farmers in t-shirts, and babies on shoulders.
Tompkins Sq Greenmarket, East Village
Greenmarket operates 46 open-air farmers' markets in all five boroughs of New York City, and is hiring 4 positions for the coming market season. They're looking for "passionate, organized, outgoing people from all walks of life, interested in promoting regional agriculture and food justice," who can wake up really early.
Check out the job descriptions here and if you're a New Yorker, check the schedule of your closest Greenmarket. If you want a city farmer's market with a permanent roof over its head, look into the New Amsterdam Market plan for the old Fulton Fish Market. It needs your support!
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