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sunnyfield on lopez island barnraiser

They are almost there with less than $1500 to go! Help these micro goat dairy people if you can, HERE!

Posted: February 16 2016
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these kids are awesome open source farm architects

Three Students Design & Crowdfund Radical Sustainable Educational Center For more than a year, students at Cal Poly Pomona College’s School of Architecture in Los Angeles, CA, have been designing an education center for Huerta del Valle Community Garden. The community where the garden and future education center are located is one of the most […]

Posted: February 12 2016
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gimmicky ad for biodiversity

[vimeo 111489860 w=500 h=281] Support for this director's kickstarter can be found here

Posted: December 24 2015
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seeds for swallowtails: let's feed the tigers on sf's market street

A nature story is unfolding above San Francisco's chaotic Market Street. The Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly and its allies – Peregrine Falcons, Red-masked Parakeets, Bumblebees, Echo Blues, Red Rock Skimmers, and other urban creature – are making habitat along San Francisco’s civic spine. This accidental ecosystem is missing something: nectar-producing flowers to feed adult butterflies and other wildlife.  But you can help: sponsor a […]

Posted: December 10 2015
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a fast food alternative

The Local Food Takeaway Project needs your help to make their ethically sourced and nutritious fast food alternative a reality. The Project is Crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds to re-purpose an old catering vehicle into a space for educational workshops and pop-up restaurants. Forget supersizing your fries, put that money toward adding local food to […]

Posted: November 9 2015
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defending new england's family fisherpeople

The next generation of fisherpeople are facing policies that force consolidation, privatization, and corporate takeover of the ocean and rights to fish. In 2010, the New England Fisheries Management Council implemented a Catch Share policy to manage New England's fish populations. At the time, the council promised protections against Fleet Consolidation for family fisherpeople. The […]

Posted: September 29 2015
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soulful action

Rev. Billy and the Choirs's BAN MONSANTO Summer [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height='450' iframe="true" /] This song was written by Nehemiah Luckett & Laura Newman from the words of The Declaration of The Occupation, a collaborative document created by the NYC General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street. Their Indiegogo campaign deadline is August 21st to […]

Posted: August 17 2015
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DIG cooperative is growing!

After 10 years of pioneering cutting-edge water catchment and reuse systems in the Bay Area, longtime Greenhorn Anya and her colleauge at DIG Cooperative are excited to announce that they have begun a new phase of growth. They are partnering with KivaZip to help us raise $15,000 to meet the growing demand for services amidst increased awareness of […]

Posted: July 21 2015
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lady justice brewing: a women-founded and operated, community-focused, philanthropic brewery

Support these ladies in their Indiegogo campaign! The Impact Lady Justice Brewing is unique. We are the world's only solely women-founded and operated, community-focused, philanthropic brewery. Your support plays a crucial role in setting a new standard for brewing. Your support also lays our foundation to begin making positive change in the lives of women […]

Posted: July 15 2015
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environmental web series: the creature show

[kickstarter url= width=480] The Creature Show is a new webseries about rare, threatened and endangered species, based in New Jersey. Each episode will be available to watch on, free for everyone, including students in classrooms. There is a kickstarter to help the producers raise enough money to make their full series a reality. Visit […]

Posted: June 2 2015
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help bring food justice to thousands more in the bay area

There is something magical that happens when you first put your hands in soil and plant. Not only are you transforming the land, you're transforming yourself. Unfortunately, there is a lack of land in the Bay Area for people to experience this. But, your support of urban agriculture is part of a revolution. Together, we've […]

Posted: November 14 2014
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our horses are bigger than your deere. support draft animal power field days!

Help us create a sustainable fund to support Draft Animal-Power Field Days in the Northeast! As American agriculture is struggling with aging farmers and a shrinking number of farms, sustainable agriculture and new farmers are repopulating the American food system. Increasingly, these farmers are moving towards draft animal power—the use of mules, horses and oxen—to […]

Posted: November 6 2014
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only six days left to fund annie's flower farm!

Annie's Flower Farm is coming up on its funding deadline! But it still has a bit of ground to cover. Check out our previous post to see the full write-up. Go HERE to support this great project!

Posted: November 1 2014
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excelsior farm needs a new greenhouse, give em' a boost!

We currently have two small greenhouses in which we grow more than 15 different crops within the course of the year. We have used them efficiently to grow a lot of good food, but we need more greenhouse space to get farm income up to a sustainable level. The greenhouse we would like to purchase […]

Posted: October 23 2014
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a worthy project

Annie's Flower Farm.  Give it a boost!  I grew up on a 360 acre farm on the Southern Oregon Coast, a sixth generation Oregon farm girl. As a child, I helped my mother with the garden and the chickens. My mother loved growing flowers. When I was eight, I started my own small herd of […]

Posted: October 20 2014
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mapping who's in your gut

The American Gut Project is building a massive database of information on the links between diet, lifestyle, and individual microbial ecologies. They are crowdsourcing sample collection from people across the country to provide skin, mouth, and gut bacteria samples, which are then sequenced and analyzed by volunteers. In order to participate, donate $99 to the […]

Posted: October 2 2014
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barnraiser: a new crowdfunding site for the food movement

    Barnraiser is the community to power the food movement, one project at a time. To learn more or check out the stories and projects, CLICK HERE!

Posted: September 19 2014
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be a hobbit, save the earth

a worthy kickstarter project by Steve Bivens.  In Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth: the Guide to Sustainable Shire Living I look at the problems facing mankind and our planet today, through the lens of Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the War of the Ring. Both Middle Earth, and our Earth face destruction at the hands of dark […]

Posted: August 19 2014
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support the young farmer network

The Young Farmer Network is a grassroots, farmer-led organization of farmers, aspiring farmers, and farm allies from all backgrounds, and of all experience levels.Their network is based in Rhode Island and includes farms and farmers from across southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Connecticut. Here's the scoop on their current fundraiser: It's midsummer. We are knee deep in […]

Posted: August 11 2014
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roadmap to generosity farm

Check out this kickstarter campaign - a great concept! How do we bring together young organic farmers and wise energetic elders to form multigenerational retirement communities that farm? "Roadmap to Generosity Farm" is a book about how to provide (1) aspiring young farmers with land and (2) energetic elders with a healthy and intellectually stimulating […]

Posted: August 4 2014
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kiva zip is crowdfunding for their 100th us farmer!

Over the past two years, our lending community has loaned $648,800 to small farmers in support of local food economies across the United States. Most amazingly, agricultural loans still have the highest repayment rates of any type of business on Kiva Zip. If you want to join the excitement and you, or a farmer you […]

Posted: August 1 2014
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2 days left to support the open food network

Check it out and help make it happen HERE! On July 31st, we want to let the world know that our food systems can be better! We’re building an open-source solution to connect local farmers with local consumers. But for the world to take notice, we need to shout it out loud all together, at […]

Posted: July 28 2014
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farm music for kids!

These folks have met their kickstarter goal, but additional dollars pledged will go towards building a dedicated classroom for their Music for Sprouts program right on the farm. $1 gets you a digital download of the album, once released! Check it out HERE  

Posted: July 27 2014
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help the grange farm school get started!

Support the campaign HERE, and visit their website. We're building the Grange Farm School to help aspiring farmers learn the skills they need to pursue their dreams as small farmers and to provide healthy local food to their communities.  We can't think of a more important task right now than training the next generation of […]

Posted: June 30 2014
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kickstarted: lets get urban farming on pbs!

[vimeo] New documentary about urban farming in America can be broadcast to millions on PBS nationwide and strengthen the Good Food Movement! From rooftop farmers to backyard beekeepers, Americans are growing food like never before. GROWING CITIES tells the inspiring stories of these intrepid urban farmers, innovators, and everyday city-dwellers who are challenging the way this […]

Posted: June 20 2014
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help get growing cities on pbs!

The film has been accepted by American Public Television, but the filmmakers have to fund its broadcast. Please check out their Kickstarter and consider supporting this inspiring film. The basics: Growing Cities: Let’s Get Urban Farming on PBS! Goal: To raise $30,000 by July 9th to air this Fall Kickstarter link:  

Posted: June 18 2014
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help fund this important project

8 hours to go, and 19% funded! Pitch in a few bucks towards this community farm greenhouse and help them get over the hump.

Posted: June 16 2014
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pay-what-you-can veggie stand

An interesting model in Vancouver.  They've raised 30% of their goal so far.  Check it out! And pitch in if you can. Soul Food has a plan to double Vancouver's local food production. If you would like to see more beautiful, delicious and healthy food grown right in your neighbourhood, help us set up two […]

Posted: May 31 2014
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let's help growing innovation get over the hump!

They are 67% funded with 12 days to go.  Every little bit counts! Growing Innovation Online Library & Book Why does this project matter? Because stakes is high!  In case it's hard to see, this farmer's clever t-shirt says 'stakes is high' To make a more serious point, success in agriculture is hard to achieve […]

Posted: March 9 2014
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support growing innovation

We need this library!  Please pitch in.  All contents of the library will also be contributed to the Farm Hack website. Here's the scoop: Growing Innovation Online Library & Book We will build an online library of agricultural innovations developed by farmers and create a book celebrating their ingenuity. The Growing Innovation project was inspired […]

Posted: February 25 2014
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growing innovation online library & book

Another worthy kickstarter campaign: Growing Innovation.  Our goal is to create an online library of innovative farm projects and publish a book highlighting exemplary farmer-led projects from our archives.  Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing, which means that we need to meet our funding goal or all the funds will be returned. We think this […]

Posted: January 31 2014
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the country grind

Help keep this rad magazine free for its country readers!  You can support their indiegogo campaign here. [youtube=] The Country Quarterly is a smokin’ new quarterly magazine specifically for those folks who have ran away from the cities in search of a simpler, saner, and more fulfilling life. All content is written by fellow rural punks and is […]

Posted: January 28 2014
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the earth works project

[vimeo] The Earth Works Project is a documentary theater piece about the members of the community-supported garden at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey. A blurb from their indiegogo page: Hey! Katie & Whitney here, coming to you from the farmlands of New Jersey (The Garden State!). We are theater makers on a mission […]

Posted: January 6 2014
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another great fiber project

Mendocino Wool & Fiber (MW&F) is a new wool mill in Northern California to create 100% locally sourced, processed and dyed yarn. It is family founded and owned by Matt (that's me) and Sarah Gilbert. I have worked with sheep, sheep herders and wool processors in Mendocino County as a sheep shearer since the age of […]

Posted: December 4 2013
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the best film on seeds -- ever!

If you saw the films Queen of the Sun, or Farmer John, you know the power of great visual story telling and that sweet ironic funny loving touch that Jon and Taggart bring to their films. Now they have turned their perceptive attention to seeds and you can be part of making this happen. SEED: […]

Posted: November 30 2013
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mesoamerica resiste!

The latest from the Beehive Collective! Support the project HERE [kickstarter url= width=480] It's done, it's done!!! We can't wait for you to see our newest illustration! Help us print Mesoamérica Resiste, the long-awaited final graphic in an epic trilogy about globalization in the Americas. Now that the illustration is complete, we need your support […]

Posted: November 20 2013
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help tamarack hollow move to higher ground

[kickstarter url= width=480] Extreme rains, caused by climate change, have flooded our Vermont farm (Tamarack Hollow Farm) 3 times in 4 years. To keep farming, we need to move to higher ground. The kickstarter can be viewed HERE They are on twitter (@tamarackhollow), facebook, tumblr (@tamarackhollowfarm), and instagram (@tamarackhollowfarm).    

Posted: November 17 2013
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small farm videos

A worthy indiegogo campaign. Small Farm Videos: Learn How Successful Small Farms Produce Good Food [youtube=] For the past 7 years the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project has helped thousands of new and aspiring farmers get started, by providing trainings and connections to the resources they need to develop strong farm businesses.

Posted: November 13 2013
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the last crop indiegogo

[vimeo=] The Last Crop is a CALL TO ACTION that addresses timely issues that are confronting our nation's farmers – see The New York Times Op-Ed piece, “Keep Farmland for Farmers”. The film follows Jeff and Annie Main of Good Humus Produce located in Capay, California. Their struggle to ensure their family farm’s future in […]

Posted: October 24 2013
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gleason ranch: risking everything

GLEASON RANCH: Risking Everything A Fundraising Campaign to Finish the Documentary Film! In the face of great loss, two sisters struggle to hold onto their 150-year-old, 5th-generation family ranch. And while the ranch—their home—becomes more difficult to maintain, so does their relationship. Harnessing moments of celebration, sadness, tragedy, and joy, Gleason Ranch becomes a powerful […]

Posted: October 22 2013