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the earth works project

Posted: January 6 2014

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/80857707]
The Earth Works Project is a documentary theater piece about the members of the community-supported garden at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey.
A blurb from their indiegogo page:
Hey! Katie & Whitney here, coming to you from the farmlands of New Jersey (The Garden State!). We are theater makers on a mission to share the stories of people who are a part of the growing agricultural movement. Our new documentary theater piece weaves together the experiences and perspectives of the members of one of the oldest organic farm CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in the United States.
We feel we are in the midst of a shift, within our nation and our world. At this time, many are becoming curious about how their food is produced, reevaluating their relationships to precious natural resources, and reexamining their personal lifestyles. Many people are seeking alternatives, a more sustainable way of life. Earth Works aims to share stories of those courageous individuals (and a community!) who are acting upon their curiosities, questions, and longings for a lifestyle honoring community and land.

hudson, new york