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woodlanders - exploring the work of people who depend on and care for forests

[vimeo 197579043 w=640 h=360] Woodlanders is an online film series that seeks to document the work of people who care for and depend on forests for their livelihood and well-being throughout the world. They are up to 21 episodes now, and each episode focuses on a person or culture who has a sustainable relationship and/or livelihood […]

Posted: December 15 2017
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the world's first mycology school!

[youtube] MYCOLOGOS is the world's first online and in-person mycology school and demonstration mushroom farm, based in Portland, Oregon. They are currently raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign (ending December 20) where you can save up to 80% off online courses in mycology. The founder of mycologos, Peter McCoy will be teaching a Greenhorns […]

Posted: December 14 2017
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tulsi, queen of the herbs - the story of a plant who is also a goddess

[youtube] You might remember the clip above the Juliette of the Herbs, the maker of that film is currently crowdfunding for their new project - Tulsi, Queen of the Herbs. Like Juliette, this new project will introduce you to a remarkable being. This time the being is Tulsi, ocimum sanctum, or Holy Basil. She […]

Posted: December 11 2017
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two rivers tells the tale of indigenous tribes defending america's most important rivers from industry

1,500 miles apart, two rivers flow. One alongside rolling hills and blue skies of the North Dakota high plains, the other tumbles past volcanoes, down narrow gorges, and through rugged mountain terrain. Beyond the distance and difference that separates these rivers is a similar story that begins over 500 hundred years ago, with their shared […]

Posted: November 12 2017
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growing rice in maine!

Check out this awesome rice growing project in Maine by Wild Folk Farm. Their goal is to get as many farmers and folks eating and growing rice throughout Maine, the Maritimes, and the Northeast. They are developing an educational, research and commercialized rice operation as currently there are no commercial rice growers in the state, and […]

Posted: November 8 2017
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help puerto rico get back on it's feet in the aftermath of the hurricane maria - send seeds!

Dear young farmers, If you are feeling in this circus of crises that our response to the common plight of a planet in an un-natural spin defines us as a society, and that the scar tissues formed over the wounded parts of ourselves and our lands— then perhaps you will resonate with the campaign undertaken […]

Posted: October 14 2017
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biodynamic wildfire relief fund

Following the devastation caused by the spread of massive wildfires in California over the past week it has become apparent that many of those within the biodynamic community have been directly affected. Among these is Frey Vineyards, a pioneer in Biodynamic® wine and dedicated supporter of the BDA. The vineyard has experienced significant losses due to the fires, […]

Posted: October 13 2017
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farmer fundraiser in santa fe for a lending tool library

The Northern New Mexico Young Farmers Alliance, (affiliate of the National Young Farmers Coalition and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union) is hosting a “Farmer Fundraiser” next week in support of a greater-Santa Fe Tool Lending Library next week. There will be a local food supper, beer and entertainment provided and it takes place on Thursday, October […]

Posted: October 5 2017
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let's get everyone to the table

Local fresh health food for all persons! Please help!

Posted: May 2 2017
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making the eggs-pansion a reality!

Come on Greenhorns! Let's help Apple Creek Farm meet the demand for eggs at their market in Maine!

Posted: April 18 2017
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be part of the egg*pansion!

Support a Greenhorn! Fund an eggspansion!

Posted: March 28 2017
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get the small farmers journal back on its feet... or, er, presses

Time-honored, totally beloved, the Small Farmers Journal needs and deserves our help.

Posted: March 24 2017
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happy boy farms needs your help!

Help Happy Boy Farms in their time of need!

Posted: March 23 2017
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the true story of a farm turned cult

Greenhorns contributor Helen Zuman has a wild story to tell.

Posted: March 15 2017
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an alternative route to farm financing

Looking at a few different crowdsourced financing platforms.

Posted: March 9 2017
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supporting black and brown farmers: NC's earthseed land cooperative is doing beautiful transformative work in their community, and they need our help

Support Earthseed Land Cooperative: a group of young black and brown agrarians who are on a mission to create community resilience through cooperative ownership of land and resources.

Posted: February 7 2017
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farm hack needs you! help fun the patriot weeder!

In the grand tradition and the innovative spirit of Farm Hack, Lu Yoder is embarking on an engineering adventure to respond to the lack of  effective, versatile, adaptive, and cheap weeding systems for smaller-scale farms. The goal is to produce an open-source mechanical weeder that can be easily replicated with common materials and scaled up or […]

Posted: January 10 2017
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woman power: home to cameroon's sustainable farming movement

Greenhorns correspondent Andrew Toothacker makes an expedition to Cameroon, a country where 90% of farmers are women and revolution is in the air.

Posted: January 5 2017
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wanted: donations for educating the next generation of farmers

Heading into a third year of providing educational programs, the good folks at the Grange School of Adaptive Agriculture have been busy training the next generation of farmers: The Grange School's programs recognize that food production must continually adapt to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. The students in our three-month residential program are […]

Posted: December 18 2016
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help fund a farm!

[youtube] The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success is organizing this crowdfunding campaign and the goal is simple: Raise $20,000 to help purchase Fresh Start Farms in Dunbarton, NH. This 50+ acre parcel of land offers refugee farmers a place to live and grow food. These farmers have been working hard on the land for […]

Posted: December 8 2016
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crowdfunder: the pig revolution

[youtube] Farms Not Factories is a small UK-based nonprofit that advocates for ethical farming practices and meat consumption. With 15 days to go, they hope to raise £10,000 "to create and publicise a series of short films featuring celebrity chefs making a delicious pork dish while explaining why serving high welfare meat is so […]

Posted: November 18 2016
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beautiful new hopeful documentary on solutions to the current eco-crisis

[vimeo 171389901 w=640 h=360] Ryan Wirick, a documentary filmmaker is looking for help supporting and funding his new feature-length documentary, The Need To GROW, a "solution-packed journey into the lives of those working to fix our broken food system in the US. It focuses on SOLUTIONS (activism, permaculture, farmer's markets and many many more), to localize […]

Posted: November 18 2016
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know someone who knows someone in London that wants to save a farm ?

OgranicLea, a very awesome workers collective near London in the Lea Valley put out the following call for help on their blog: "A coalition of growers is working with Haringey Council to explore taking on Wolves Lane, a 2 acre former plant nursery in north London. The goal is to turn the site into a centre/hub […]

Posted: October 4 2016
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street goat: an exemplary crowd-funding campaign

[vimeo 146758688 w=640 h=360] Street Goat - Crowd Funding Campaign Film from Joanne Barker on Vimeo. The money's all been pledged and raised, but this sure was a great idea and a fabulous video.

Posted: August 1 2016
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[youtube] Modified is a gorgeous and deeply personal feature-length documentary that delves into the labyrinth of asking why, if they are labelled in 64 other world counties, are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)-- not labeled on food products in Canada and the United States. Film maker Aube Giroux (the mastermind behind Kitchen Vignettes) has entirely self-produced the film […]

Posted: July 12 2016
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come a long way baby: new film on the evolution of organic

[vimeo 170086849 w=640 h=360] Peppered with priceless footage of the origins of the organic movement, this film delves head-first into where we came from and where we're going. Our favorite quote from the trailer?  "Organic can get better." Spoiler alert: the Greenhorns are in this film. Fund them here!

Posted: June 21 2016
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fund the library for food sovereignty!

[youtube] Donate at the indigogo page here! In the creators' own words, "A Growing Culture (AGC) is a global coalition that connects farmers to each other and to the resources they need to create an ecologically sound food system and prosperous planet. We are building the world’s first digital, open-access platform powered by farmers, for farmers. The Library […]

Posted: June 14 2016
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helping rural kids!

Social obstacles faced by the youth of San Luis are many for a small town. Since traditional ways of life have been eliminated by loss of land rights, youth are challenged by poverty, northbound drug trafficking, and alcoholism. Costilla County has the highest rates of diabetes in the state. The 2012 Census states 37.3% of […]

Posted: June 8 2016
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farm coop heroes in georgia

[vimeo 162837982 w=640 h=360] Is there a single thing that we don't LOVE about this video, idea, and people? Mmm... don't think so. This sweet band of small farmers have formed a small island of small-scale diversified growing in largely conventional area to form a cooperative marketing organization. While they are committed to proving good food to […]

Posted: May 31 2016
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2016 prelinger library funding appeal,_Prelinger_Library.jpg The Prelinger Library ( is an urban oasis of research, community, art, and collaboration in San Francisco. It is a freely publicly accessible workshop where artists, writers, and activists from around the Bay and across the world meet to read, research and make new works of all kinds. We offer all visitors the chance […]

Posted: May 25 2016
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from away, a comical and respectful rendering of maine

“From Away” is currently in pre-production but has already sparked the interest of distribution giants Netflix and Hulu. Each episode of “From Away” is a hilarious and thoughtful  intimate portrait of different do-it-yourself Mainers at work and at play, told with an unprecedented blend of humor and deep respect. Professions you may think you know […]

Posted: May 14 2016
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help this future foodways attorney win a 10k scholarship

  Emily Melvin has been selected as a finalist in the BARBRI Law Preview “ONE LAWYER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” $10K scholarship opportunity.Only 20 future law students made it to the final round, and she was one of them. She wrote an essay about “How you hope to use your law degree to change our […]

Posted: May 6 2016
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new farm floats into the big apple

New York's Newest Urban Farm Will Float Down The Hudson River New York City's newest urban farm will look a little different from most: instead of factory-like rows of plants growing in a warehouse, it will be a lush, natural-looking food forest that floats down the Hudson River in a barge. As it docks at […]

Posted: May 1 2016
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hudson estuary bioregional bundle

Over the past 8 months, a group of artists and designers have produced a Bioregional Bundle - an unbound collection of art, writing and ideas contained in a large envelope - titled Reinhabit the Hudson Estuary about living-in-place.(check out the introduction below). We are initiating a Kick Starter campaign seeking $6,650 to print 1,000 copies […]

Posted: April 27 2016
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making the dreamgoats come true

In a world that needs new farmers, on land that needs new ways of raising food, and among bodies that need new ways of being nourished, the Dreamgoats aim to maintain natural systems, recycle waste, build soil fertility, and add value to the lives of other beings. THE DREAM 1. To purchase 3 goat kids & solar-electric […]

Posted: April 24 2016
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long table harvest (a food rescue organization) needs your help!

Long Table Harvest gleans surplus produce from farms in Columbia County and distribute it to those in need. About 1/4 of the population in Columbia County is food insecure and/or low-income. We are working with 14 distribution sites in the county, half are pantries and the other half are non-profits and community organizations already working […]

Posted: April 20 2016
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new food rescue program in the hudson valley

Long Table Harvest is a farm food rescue program serving low-income residents in Columbia County, NY, co-founded by long-time Greenhorn Audrey Berman. They've partnered with 16 farms in the county to glean surplus produce from June to November and are working with 14 pantries and community based organization to distribute produce to those in need. Columbia […]

Posted: April 13 2016
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barn burned down: fundraiser Dearest friends and family, I am writing to appeal for help on behalf of my sister Molly and Little Wing Farm. This farm that she built up over the last four years through sheer force of will, dedication of effort, and application of vision, was only possible because of her profound respect for all […]

Posted: March 31 2016
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help the best climate movie of the year get out and get us together 

This movie. Speaks directly to the heart of climate change resistance.  It takes you to the brink of despair and then builds you back up. I cried. I danced. In fact, the whole audience danced, standing up out of their seats. And you will too.  Trust me. Now, filmmaker Josh Fox (of Gasland) is touring the […]

Posted: March 18 2016
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peace of earth's amazing cold storage scheme

We have a stubborn and delicious dream that farming can evolve to exist without a constant input of fossil fuels, and Peace of Earth Farm in Albany, VT is dreaming it too! Farmer Rebecca Beidler, has put out a call for support on a super innovative research project to combine the technologies of root cellars and ice houses to […]

Posted: March 6 2016
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