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tulsi, queen of the herbs - the story of a plant who is also a goddess

Posted: December 11 2017

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBY76schtNU?list=PL58MzGjKxV-Vm-khwnlRAjz1lY2lVPg3e&ecver=1&w=640&h=360]
You might remember the clip above the Juliette of the Herbs, the maker of that film is currently crowdfunding for their new project - Tulsi, Queen of the Herbs. Like Juliette, this new project will introduce you to a remarkable being. This time the being is Tulsi, ocimum sanctum, or Holy Basil. She is a plant. Sacred to Hindus, Tulsi is a goddess, a healer, an ecologist and most recently, she has become an ambassador for the plant kingdom.
Tulsi, Queen of Herbs draws us deep into a relationship with the green world, where plant beings are not metaphors, they are a daily reality. In rural India, Tulsi has lived and worked with the earth, animals and people since the beginning of time.
Who is this extraordinary being? Tulsi has enjoyed many lives, travelling from the ancient realms of the gods into the plant kingdom. She brings many gifts. As a healer, Tulsi is the supreme herb of Ayurvedic and Indian folk medicine. She heals illnesses from coughs, colds and headaches to malaria and diabetes, heart disease and radiation sickness. As an ecologist she purifies the air and soil. As a virtuous goddess, she was swept up in the power struggles of warring deities. She lived with Krishna in Vrindavan.
The myths, legends and stories of Tulsi, the Goddess, are full of drama and romance. They give us vital insights on how to take care of ourselves and our planet. Today, in her incarnation as a plant, Tulsi is venturing forth from her native India, inspiring people all over the world to restore the health of individuals, communities, and the planet, by working in partnership with the plants. With stunning visuals, Tulsi’s story is told through poetic interpretations of the myths, and through the people with whom she has chosen to work - herbalists, doctors, vets, Ayurveds, farmers, mothers, dancers, priests. The interweaving of myth and lyrical documentary creates a sense of magical realism, affirming our interconnectedness, and transforming our consciousness.
Click HERE to read more about the Tulsi, the film and to donate to the crowdfunding effort and HERE to watch the trailer.