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barn burned down: fundraiser

Posted: March 31 2016

Dearest friends and family,
I am writing to appeal for help on behalf of my sister Molly and Little Wing Farm. This farm that she built up over the last four years through sheer force of will, dedication of effort, and application of vision, was only possible because of her profound respect for all the living things around her and her deep knowledge of what enables living systems to interact harmoniously. For me personally, in times both of mourning and celebration, digging up Little Wing's weeds, fixing up its structures, feeding its quail and helping to harvest its bounty fortified my spirit and calmed my mind.

Last week, Molly's barn caught fire, for reasons no one is certain of. Molly lost much in the way of tools and equipment, and, more sadly, about 300 young quail that she hatched and was raising by hand. Amid that devastation, Molly's landlords texted her that she would have to be off the land in 60 days. Molly's intention to rebuild gave way to the realization that everything she had worked for was gone.
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