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farm coop heroes in georgia

Posted: May 31 2016

[vimeo 162837982 w=640 h=360]
Is there a single thing that we don't LOVE about this video, idea, and people? Mmm... don't think so. This sweet band of small farmers have formed a small island of small-scale diversified growing in largely conventional area to form a cooperative marketing organization. While they are committed to proving good food to their rural community, they are finding it difficult to make ends meet with their small rural customer base. They hope that by cooperatively marketing, they will be able to form a broader market without leaving their communities.
To collectively market in a way that reduces cost and expands their markets, they are raising money to buy a delivery vehicle and to cover the administrative costs of forming a cooperative.
Fund their Indigogo campaign here: Middle Georgia Growers Co-op Crowdfunding Campaign! And, while you're at it, if you liked the video, check out Forage Films on Vimeo.