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hudson estuary bioregional bundle

Posted: April 27 2016

Over the past 8 months, a group of artists and designers have produced a Bioregional Bundle - an unbound collection of art, writing and ideas contained in a large envelope - titled Reinhabit the Hudson Estuary about living-in-place.(check out the introduction below).
We are initiating a Kick Starter campaign seeking $6,650 to print 1,000 copies of the Bundle.  Most will be distributed freely through local grassroots watershed groups, as a "potlatch" styled gift, and about 350 will go to Planet Drum Foundation, a non-profit bioregional organization based in San Francisco, California, for their membership.  The campaign was launched on April 9th and will run for 40 days until May 19th.
Please consider visiting the Kick Starter Hudson Bundle campaign website and looking over the information there.  If it feels right, chip in some dough for the printing.