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last chance to keep civil eats up and running

Let's not lose this powerful resource!  Visit their kickstarter page and chip in.  2 Days to go! Check out some of their great work at if you're not convinced. [kickstarter url= width=480] Founded in January 2009, Civil Eats is a community resource that brings together over 100 contributors as active participants in the evolving […]

Posted: October 16 2013
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help kickstart apitronics!

Apitronics is a wireless platform designed for the outdoors, with a mission to help farmers become more efficient and productive by using networks of sensors and switches. They create electronic Bees, who work together and communicate with the Hive. Each Swarm—the Hive and its Bees– functions as a unit and is unique to its environment. For […]

Posted: September 29 2013
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support hudson valley charcuterie!

calling all greenhorns who love delicious, artisanal, farm-raised cured meats! today's the day to support the enterprising crew at Raven & Boar Farm who have set out to bring you the best charcuterie that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Hudson Valley Charcuterie's goal is to build a kitchen to produce small batch artisanal products […]

Posted: September 21 2013
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hudson rising - a new movie about revival

They're still seeking some funding. Check out the indiegogo campaign Hudson Rising: Stories of Revival from the Hudson Valley We're trying to complete our movie about the Hudson Valley - and we need your help to do it! After three years, production of Hudson Rising is nearly complete and the premiere is scheduled for October 26th 2013! Hudson Rising is […]

Posted: September 11 2013
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kickstart city growers

looks like these good folks are getting funded! City Growers - Converting Urban Lots into Sustainable Farms City Growers is a new kind of community-centered urban farm that provides jobs for underemployed residents and fresh locally-grown produce for Boston businesses and residents. Founded in 2010, City Growers has successfully established itself as a Boston urban […]

Posted: August 6 2013
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rural route film fest needs your help!!

[youtube=] Rural Route needs a bit more help to make this year's film fest happen! Please, if you can, check out their indiegogo page and support this amazing event. ALSO, YOU SHOULD ATTEND THE FESTIVAL!! July 27 and August 1-4, 2013!!   from their indiegogo page: We don’t have the backing of larger organizations, and this year, […]

Posted: July 21 2013
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open source forever!

Open Tech Forever is helping create the Open Source Economy: a collaborative society that shares its knowledge, skills, technologies, and resources to overcome artificial barriers and achieve abundance and prosperity for all. And they are building an OPEN SOURCE FACTORY! We have a 40 acre permaculture site 15 minutes from downtown Denver. This campaign will fund the […]

Posted: July 13 2013
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rural route fundraising campaign

[youtube=] Rural Route launches a new Indiegogo fundraiser campaign for our new 2013 festival!  PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP US GOING!!! & pass this on to friends and colleagues! Rural Route has a spectacular event lined up for Aug. 1-4 this year, including some of the best-but-least-seen new indie features released, a new DCP restoration of Werner […]

Posted: July 5 2013
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no lot left unfarmed

Main Street Farms is an urban aquaponics farm, organic plant nursery, and education center in Homer NY, devoted to sustainable agriculture and local food security.  Our current farm is booming with veggies and Tilapia and now we are ready to expand!! help out via kickstarter! read more about Main Street Farms.

Posted: June 29 2013
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help cayuga rebuild!

These good folks lost their beanery in a fire in May, and are fundraising to rebuild. [youtube=] Check it their indiegogo campaign  HERE Cayuga Pure Organics is a small farm near Ithaca, New York that grows organic, non-GMO dry beans and grains, including several heirloom varieties. Working with a few other local organic farmers, they distribute […]

Posted: June 14 2013
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real value

another important film seeking funding. Real Value. Real Value is a feature length independent documentary that explores real, profitable businesses that choose to focus not just on the bottom line, but on the health of their surrounding communities and the environment.

Posted: June 11 2013
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oregon butcher shop project!

Another worthwhile kickstarter campaign: Meat @ Grain Station Marketplace We enthusiastically invite you to join in McMinnville's growing craft food scene. Our community needs a source for local, pastured meats sold fresh year round. Kyle Chriestenson and Amanda Perron plan to give you just that at MEAT. Our butcher counter will proudly feature pastured animals […]

Posted: June 3 2013
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public lab kickstarter

Help launch a campaign for simple, affordable near-infrared imagery: Infragram Want to know exactly which of your plants need a little more love and attention? This low-cost, easy to use infrared camera lets you see what is growing well, figure out where to add more fertilizer, or identify stress. Use Infragram in your backyard, urban […]

Posted: May 24 2013
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lovely ladies seeking to buy their urban farm

Check 'em out. We are writing to ask for your support at a critical moment for Sidewalk Ends Farm. As you know, for three years now, we've worked hard to turn the vacant lot at 47 Harrison Street in Providence into the productive and fertile agricultural space it is today.    Agriculture is slow work […]

Posted: May 11 2013
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chicago urban farmers

making it happen!  Check out their kickstarter campaign Chicago ‘Cooperation Operation’ to Transform South Side Lot into Creative Farm-scapeby Whitney Richardson The Cooperation Operation (Coop Op) is a diverse group of young social & food justice activists working to create a cooperatively run urban community garden in Chicago's South Side Pullman neighborhood. A quarter of […]

Posted: May 6 2013
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vermont sail freight on gothamist

16 days to go on their kickstarter campaign! Vermont Farmer Building Sailboat To Transport Produce To NYC by Neil Casey for Gothamist The city has lots of rooftop farms and greenmarkets for feeding your crippling ramps addiction, but a Vermont farmer wants to add produce-via-sailboat to the mix. Rice farmer Erik Andrus has begun a […]

Posted: April 9 2013
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kickstart a hudson valley cider mill

at Breezy Hill Farm. Here's the scoop: As many of you know, we lost our historic 1820 cider house in a devastating fire nearly 10 years ago.  But hope springs eternal, and despite hurricanes, floods, crop loss we have continued on, with your help and patronage.  Last fall, we were finally able to begin to rebuild the historic post and […]

Posted: April 1 2013
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oakland institute kickstarter

Help 'em out! In the first 20 days of our Kickstarter project to raise funds for a film exposing land grabs in Papua New Guinea, we have raised over $11,000 from 66 individual contributors. The vast majority of those who have given are first-time supporters of the Oakland Institute, which is exciting to see. And we are grateful to our friends who […]

Posted: March 5 2013
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another worthy indiegogo campaign: FarmShorts FarmShorts is a web video initiative to benefit sustainable farms, food producers, local artists and the regional local community. We are creating an online, coherent visual landscape of the local food movement as beautiful and diverse as the farms and people at  the heart of it. We want you to […]

Posted: March 4 2013
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SOS juice - power the people

[youtube=] SOS Juice, is a solar-powered for-profit/non-profit hybrid that will sell juice, smoothies, and compost in order to improve health, promote sustainable agriculture, and create green jobs for low-income youth and the formerly incarcerated individuals. To launch our business we need your help. We will pilot our idea in Oakland, Ca to prove the benefits of the model and […]

Posted: March 2 2013
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support kickstarter campaign to stop land grabbing

a request from our friends and fierce leaders at the Oakland Institute: Dear friends, Since 2008, our research and advocacy has shed light on large-scale land investments, exposing the theft of poor peoples’ land and natural resources. The “Dracula effect” has worked in several countries, from South Sudan to Tanzania: public outcry has forced energy and food corporations, hedge funds, […]

Posted: February 16 2013
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help translate le jardinier-maraicher

Le jardinier-maraîcher, written by Jean-Martin Fortier, provides an overview of all aspects of vegetable production at les Jardins de la Grelinette, a farm in Quebec that is well known for its intensive methods of production. This book demonstrates how adopting intensive methods of production can allow the grower to concentrate on growing better instead of bigger, […]

Posted: February 8 2013
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raise the barn by bill day

Project Update #3: In The Path of Hurricane Sandy Chestnut Ridge, NY - The winds are picking up here at The Pfeiffer Center, where we're working into the night to outrace Hurricane Sandy before we lose power. We have until 10 p.m. this Thursday to raise $75,000 or you don't get billed and we don't […]

Posted: November 1 2012
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yoga for farmers

  [youtube=] Yoga to an original soundtrack. Deep relaxation, injury prevention, and a fiddlin' good time. Plus, farm dogs. dig the idea? help FUND IT!

Posted: October 13 2012
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raise the barn

another worthy kickstarter project, this one at the Pfeiffer Center. Raise the Historic Red Barn! We believe each plot of earth is distinct and special. We call it the farm individuality, and we're teaching the next generation of farmers - and everyone who eats - how to respect and nourish their land, whether it's an […]

Posted: October 9 2012