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support hudson valley charcuterie!

Posted: September 21 2013

calling all greenhorns who love delicious, artisanal, farm-raised cured meats! today's the day to support the enterprising crew at Raven & Boar Farm who have set out to bring you the best charcuterie that the Hudson Valley has to offer.
Hudson Valley Charcuterie's goal is to build a kitchen to produce small batch artisanal products on our farm from their own pigs -- and they have an ambitious kickstarter project to get GOING! The kitchen will facilitate the need to produce custom artisanal Raven & Boar value added products, as they plan to produce their own line of charcuterie exclusively from their own pigs raised on the farm.
PLUS -- some deliciously wonderful gifts are offered for supporters of this project.
check it out!

hudson, new york