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hudson rising - a new movie about revival

Posted: September 11 2013

They're still seeking some funding. Check out the indiegogo campaign
Hudson Rising: Stories of Revival from the Hudson Valley
We're trying to complete our movie about the Hudson Valley - and we need your help to do it!
After three years, production of Hudson Rising is nearly complete and the premiere is scheduled for October 26th 2013! Hudson Rising is a collection of stories celebrating citizens who are making a difference in the Valley: kids rebuilding downtowns, farmers reinventing farming, the scientist who dreamed that the Hudson Valley could become the next Silicon Valley, and many more.
When the movie's complete, it will be screened on WMHT and other PBS stations and at over 50 venues up and down the Hudson Valley. We believe seeing these stories in the movie will change the way citizens see the future of the Hudson Valley – inspiring them to join the very real revival that is already underway and make it stick.
But we need your help. Despite all the enormous support we have from our partner groups in the Valley, this is a low-budget project that has gotten this far through some modest grants and the generosity of a few donors. We still need to raise $20,000 to pay for the final post-production costs, including licensing archival footage and sound editing and mixing. Please help us get to the finish line and make a difference in the Hudson Valley!
All contributions towards the movie  are tax-deductible donations to the Hudson River Foundation.

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