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public lab kickstarter

Posted: May 24 2013

infragramHelp launch a campaign for simple, affordable near-infrared imagery: Infragram
Want to know exactly which of your plants need a little more love and attention? This low-cost, easy to use infrared camera lets you see what is growing well, figure out where to add more fertilizer, or identify stress. Use Infragram in your backyard, urban farm, small-mid size farm, or community garden to make sure your plants are getting what they need. You could even carry this camera up into the air with the "proven technology" of balloons and kites to make a map. Join our community of users to get advice and learn about the newest innovations in low-cost infrared photography.
During this campaign, a filter for your existing camera is $10, a special webcam that you can connect to your laptop is $35, and a stand alone experimental Point & Shoot camera for taking infrared/visible photos to process online is available at $95.
Public Lab is a community of several thousand people who work together to make it easier to do practical environmental research on the cheap -- http://publiclab.org/. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all, Public Lab’s ‘share and share alike’, ‘open source’ learning community model is not only fun -- it’s a great way to make rapid progress on any project!
I'd love to hear any thoughts, questions, etc!

hudson, new york