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rural route fundraising campaign

Posted: July 5 2013
Rural Route launches a new Indiegogo fundraiser campaign for our new 2013 festival!  PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP US GOING!!! & pass this on to friends and colleagues!
Rural Route has a spectacular event lined up for Aug. 1-4 this year, including some of the best-but-least-seen new indie features released, a new DCP restoration of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo", and a special tribute program for Les Blank, who passed away earlier this Spring, screening 16mm prints of the original American indie-doc maverick's most-beloved work.  The overall scope of programming consists of 28 films from 13 countries on 5 continents!  (Many programs will include special guests.)  Along with core programming at Museum of the Moving Image, we'll host a global warming panel at Queens Library, and a closing night program at Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm.
As you can see, this year's festival is a full-on, extraordinary collection of screenings, live music, food, and special guest-led discussions.  We've got important things lined up, culturally and issue-wise, but we've got to be able to pay the bills...  That's where we need your help - we've set our Indiegogo goal pretty low, at $2,000; if we can get that, we can cover our most basic expenses, but we are really hoping to raise at least $5,000 in order to pay for event extras, pay our hard-working key staff something, and cover technical costs.  Also, this year a portion of what we raise will go to help refugees in the heart-warming but war-torn country of Mali in West Africa, where the RR Nomad Tour reached Timbuktu in 2009.
IF YOU CAN HELP OUT, PLEASE DO!!!  Here's the video - please pass it around
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