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help this future foodways attorney win a 10k scholarship

Posted: May 6 2016
 Emily Melvin

Emily Melvin has been selected as a finalist in the BARBRI Law Preview “ONE LAWYER CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” $10K scholarship opportunity.Only 20 future law students made it to the final round, and she was one of them. She wrote an essay about “How you hope to use your law degree to change our world and how $10,000 towards your 1L tuition would change your world.”

Please read her essay submission, cast a vote on her behalf every day until June 1, 2016, and consider posting to your social media pages.  Voting takes place at http://ow.ly/4naNE8

“I am a farmer. Or rather, I was a farmer. The rough calluses on my hands testify to the years I worked close to the earth coaxing vegetables from the soil to feed my local community. I adore the art of cultivation, the gratification after a soaking rain, and the satisfaction of a freshly harvested bunch of carrots. However, pressing issues facing agriculture compel me to lay aside my hoe and pick up the scholarly pursuit of a legal education.
Agriculture is in jeopardy in our country along with the safety and security of our food system. The evolution of the “get big or get out” mentality hindered farming as a viable occupation on a moderate scale and catalyzed a mass exodus from rural communities. Now, large centralized farms and food processing plants cause disease outbreaks to spread farther and wider than ever before.
Fortunately, I know we can fix these problems. With a $10,000 scholarship to pursue a law degree, I will be infinitely closer to my dream of working within the current system to improve regulations surrounding food, making it feasible for the small farmer to stay in business. In turn, this will stimulate economic opportunity in rural communities and encourage national food security. Moreover, I will seek to provide counsel on policies that encourage safe and transparent food practices. Equipped with a legal education and a deep practical understanding of farming, I intend to do everything in my power to ensure our food system truly nurtures the nation.”