New Jersey

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the earth works project

[vimeo] The Earth Works Project is a documentary theater piece about the members of the community-supported garden at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey. A blurb from their indiegogo page: Hey! Katie & Whitney here, coming to you from the farmlands of New Jersey (The Garden State!). We are theater makers on a mission […]

Posted: January 6 2014
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cattle & sheep manager

Double Brook Farm is seeking a cattle and sheep manager for our Grass-fed Beef/Lamb operation. We use sustainable and intensive rotational farming methods and are dedicated to sustainable, humane, earth friendly practices. The mission of Double Brook Farm is to provide the best-tasting local food to the community in the most responsible and sustainable manner […]

Posted: March 18 2013
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seeking farm worker - skillman, NJ

Great Road Farm in Skillman, NJ is looking for a farm worker for the 2013 growing season.  We produce a wide diversity of vegetables, pasture raised chickens for eggs, and have future projects in the works.  Five acres are fenced in with a half acre of permanent raised beds for intensive production. Our fertility management uses compost, […]

Posted: October 9 2012
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for your resource list! mobile slaughter unit

from Traveling Butcher The Traveling Butcher is a mobile slaughterhouse designed to serve the local farming community within a 50-60 mile range from downtown Hopewell, NJ. The slaughterhouse provides a reasonably-priced solution to the question many local farmers have: how am I going to get my animals slaughtered in the most humane way? The […]

Posted: January 26 2012
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museum to close

"Due to financial restrictions the Board of Trustees has voted to begin the closing process" of the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture. We need a patron to come along and preserve this collection of agricultural artifacts otherwise they will leave the public sphere and wander back into the collections of fanciers: we need those plow […]

Posted: March 28 2011