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cattle & sheep manager

Posted: March 18 2013

Double Brook Farm is seeking a cattle and sheep manager for our Grass-fed Beef/Lamb operation.
We use sustainable and intensive rotational farming methods and are dedicated to sustainable, humane, earth friendly practices. The mission of Double Brook Farm is to provide the best-tasting local food to the community in the most responsible and sustainable manner possible.  This position includes the management of the cow/calf operation and the sheep operation as well as the management of the pastures and hay production.   Some of our cattle/sheep reside together in a ‘flerd’.  This is a salaried position starting at $45,000 a year with an increase in pay with the opening of the market.  After three months you will receive health insurance.  Once your position becomes fully your own you will work towards a profit sharing percentage from all parts of the farm.  For more information about the farm please visit our website at www.doublebrookfarm.com and contact: [email protected]
Responsibilities include:

  1. Managing the care of the cattle (rotational intensive grazing, winter feeding, health care, genetics)
  2. Pasture and forage management (building the fertility of the soil, seeding pastures, moving towards a less haying approach)
  3. Management of the care of the sheep (rotational intensive grazing, winter feeding, health care, lambing, genetics)
  4. Management of labor staff working under you
  5. Work under the farm manager (budgets, daily/weekly/monthly plans, and evaluation of progress)
  6. Work in cooperation with other animals mangers (pig and poultry).


  1. Experience with grass-fed beef/sheep and rotational grazing methods
  2. Experience with pasture management.
  3. Capacity to be a team player as well as the ability to manage a team of workers.
  4. Ability to work hard under stressful conditions while maintaining a positive attitude and good sense of humor.
hudson, new york