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for your resource list! mobile slaughter unit

Posted: January 26 2012

from http://blog.doublebrookfarm.com/traveling-butcher/

Traveling Butcher

The Traveling Butcher is a mobile slaughterhouse designed to serve the local farming community within a 50-60 mile range from downtown Hopewell, NJ. The slaughterhouse provides a reasonably-priced solution to the question many local farmers have: how am I going to get my animals slaughtered in the most humane way?
The Traveling Butcher goes from farm to farm to slaughter the animals. By having slaughter services come directly to the farm, the farmer does not have to travel (in many cases, for hours) with the animals to a brick-and-mortar slaughterhouse and the animals never have to experience the anxiety of an alien holding pen. This service dramatically lessons the stress to the animals and gives every farmer what they deserve after carefully raising their livestock: humane slaughter and quality control.
The Traveling Butcher will arrive with two specially trained butchers and a USDA inspector.  After the slaughter is complete, the farmer will then choose where to take the carcass for cut-and-wrap services.
Please direct your inquiries to Lucia Huebner at [email protected].
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