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DIG cooperative is growing!

Posted: July 21 2015

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After 10 years of pioneering cutting-edge water catchment and reuse systems in the Bay Area, longtime Greenhorn Anya and her colleauge at DIG Cooperative are excited to announce that they have begun a new phase of growth. They are partnering with KivaZip to help us raise $15,000 to meet the growing demand for services amidst increased awareness of the severe drought conditions we are faced with in California. This is the first time the cooperative has applied for any outside funding since the inception and they are eager to begin working with the community to help launch themselves into this new era!

Anya and Maria and have split the loan request into two based on needs:
* Maria is taking on raising $7,000 to invest in marketing materials and activities along with providing much needed seed funding for a new office and storage space. Click here to learn more about this campaign and lend to Maria!
* Anya is taking on raising $8,000 to invest in tools and safety equipment as well as necessary hardware and software for design and administrative activities. Click here to learn more about this campaign and lend to Anya!

KivaZip makes 0% interest loans to small businesses like DIG that generate positive social impact in their communities. Lenders can provide contributions from $5 and up and all you need is to create a KivaZip account and have/create a Paypal account to get started. As a bonus, for every contribution under $100, KivaZip will match it for us! This makes your lending that much more powerful.

Thank you for supporting a business that promotes integrated water conservation systems in California during this fragile time!