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excelsior farm needs a new greenhouse, give em' a boost!

Posted: October 23 2014

We currently have two small greenhouses in which we grow more than 15 different crops within the course of the year. We have used them efficiently to grow a lot of good food, but we need more greenhouse space to get farm income up to a sustainable level.
The greenhouse we would like to purchase from Oregon Valley Greenhouses, with the help of your donation, is thirty feet wide and ninety six feet long. It is larger than the ones we already have in use and would enable us to double our greenhouse crop production.
We are trying to raise the funds to pay for the greenhouse only. There is no freight or labor costs involved because we are buying from a local company and are willing to build it ourselves. We even have the building site picked out, ready for the new greenhouse.
Donate to them HERE on Kickstarter!