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help the grange farm school get started!

Posted: June 30 2014

Support the campaign HERE, and visit their website.
We're building the Grange Farm School to help aspiring farmers learn the skills they need to pursue their dreams as small farmers and to provide healthy local food to their communities.  We can't think of a more important task right now than training the next generation of farmers.
You know the bad news:
America's farmers are aging, and their children are not replacing them on the farm. American commercial agriculture is good at producing huge quantities of mono-crops laden with GMOs and chemicals; but wholesome, healthy food is hard to come by. And conventional agriculture gulps fossil fuels and water and depletes the topsoil at alarming rates.
Here's the good news:
More and more young people want to farm. The dilemma is that opportunities for learning on the farm from seasoned farmers—who know how to grow healthy food from healthy soil—are disappearing.
We’re trying to fill that gap
With your help the Grange Farm School can provide the training so many aspiring farmers want.
We aim to educate the “whole farmer” in sustainable agriculture, offering hands-on training and classes in all the skills new farmers want and need, from tilling to transplanting, from weeding to welding, from mulching to marketing. We have everything in place except the last bit of funding. Your help is needed now.