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growing innovation online library & book

Posted: January 31 2014

Another worthy kickstarter campaign: Growing Innovation
Our goal is to create an online library of innovative farm projects and publish a book highlighting exemplary farmer-led projects from our archives. 
Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing, which means that we need to meet our funding goal or all the funds will be returned. We think this project has a lot of potential and we hope you’ll agree.
For 17 years, we’ve allocated grants to innovative farmers to help them put their own ideas to work. Their projects have included a diverse bunch of agricultural enterprises and initiatives: a farm-to-table cooperative, a tool-lending library, myriad farm inventions, ethnic produce projects, re-purposed poultry houses, transitions to organic production, and sustainable farms started by returning veterans.
We’ve documented every project on every farm and we’ve amassed a valuable archive. More than 80% of the projects we’ve selected have been successful in helping farmers reinvigorate their farms.
Our online library and the accompanying book will provide a catalog of innovations, a compendium of inspiration, a harvest of open source ideas that have been developed and realized by small farmers.
Better models for farmers = more financially sustainable farms = stronger rural economies = better access to fresh, healthy food for all of us.
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