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small farm videos

Posted: November 13 2013

A worthy indiegogo campaign. Small Farm Videos: Learn How Successful Small Farms Produce Good Food
For the past 7 years the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project has helped thousands of new and aspiring farmers get started, by providing trainings and connections to the resources they need to develop strong farm businesses.
Hearing advice from real farmers--and seeing how things are produced on the farm--is priceless both for these new farmers and for any eater interested in how food is produced. So we began producing videos in 2008, starting with a series called "Voices of Experience," which provides farm business advice from successful small farmers, and "Video Mentors," which shows behind-the-scenes production techniques for vegetables, fruits, poultry, pigs, and more. We've made these clips freely available on our YouTube channel. We've received comments from new farmers all over the world about how helpful these clips have been.
With the funds from this campaign, we will use footage we've already captured to edit and produce 15-20 new video clips, on topics including all aspects of tree fruit farming, farming with draft animals, building and growing in an unheated hoophouse, and more. Just like our previous videos, these will be high-quality, detailed clips that will help new and existing farmers learn first-hand from successful farmers.
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