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2 days left to support the open food network

Posted: July 28 2014

thunderclap-OFNCheck it out and help make it happen HERE!
On July 31st, we want to let the world know that our food systems can be better! We’re building an open-source solution to connect local farmers with local consumers.
But for the world to take notice, we need to shout it out loud all together, at the same time.
On Thursday, July 31st at Noon PST, a mass of tweets and Facebook updates will go out - powered by you - with the link to the Open Food Network crowdfund support page.
Join us and farmers and local food advocates worldwide in getting the message that Open Food Network is a reality we want to see realized to over a half a million people on July 31st.
We’ve spent 3 years talking with many farmers, producers, eaters and local enterprises (like food hubs, independent retails and co-ops) about how we can work together - to put control over food back into the hands of the people who grow it and eat it. The Open Food Network is our response.
The Open Food Network has the potential to really disrupt our food systems - in a good way! With your help we can support farmers and hubs to build viable, sustainable business models that work for their communities. Imagine if people everywhere had access to affordable, good quality locally grown food. We believe it’s possible, and with your support we can help make it happen!
To launch in 2015, the first step is an Australian open beta in October 2014.  We need to cover the costs of the final development effort as well as engage designers, testers and engineers to bring the product up to a professional standard.
We’ve done the numbers and - together with grant funds and some blood, sweat and tears - an additional $25,000 will get the software to the point where we can launch an ‘open beta’ OFN service in Australia (this means it will be open to anyone in Australia to use for profiles and basic trading).
This is our tipping point goal. If we raise this amount, the campaign will be a success and we’ll get your pledged donation.  If not, we won’t get anything.  Please help us at least make our tipping point which will get the basic OFN into the hands of all the farmers and communities that need it!
See more and support us now at: