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roundup of our southern trip

a few weeks ago, Severine embarked on a whirlwind southern trip.  Here is a recap of the adventures. First, Washington DC for the Drake Forum with Wilmot Kidd, DP.  Along with Ben Shute and Lindsey Lusher, Sevie presented about the National Young Farmer Coalition and the 20 min sneak peak of the film was shown […]

Posted: March 22 2010
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Walk with artist: Hera, up up on the mountain.

Posted: March 18 2010
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friends at eco-friendly foods

today we are headed out to visit our friend Bev Eggleston at EcoFriendly Foods in VA. EcoFriendly Foods provides pasture-raised, "beyond organic" meats to consumers at farmers markets and to restaurants. all of their animals are raised humanely on small family farms throughout the Shenandoah Valley, VA. you can find Bev and his tastey chops on Saturdays […]

Posted: March 6 2010
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archival rhetoric

sophomoric, but still relevant. Open Letter to a Cloned Sheep, Pig, Broiler or Dairy Creature by Severine von Tscharner Fleming "Dear Dolly, It seems that the US Food and Drug Administration, in all its wisdom, has decided that US citizens will be safe eating cloned animal products. Yes, Dolly, that means ewe, your lambs and […]

Posted: February 25 2010
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this "stipends for farmers" is a great trend

and very important for us to be publicly grateful for. I recently had a spat with some fancy conference organizers who wanted agrarian presence but weren't willing to cover gas and expenses for the farmers--. We live in an economy that undervalues farmers time, makes them shlepp hustle and burn. But as we form social […]

Posted: February 23 2010
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little city gardens kicks off!

Brooke was on my radio show yesterday.She is expanding her farm. She is the beautiful one in the greenhorns trailer-- who knocked on the car windows to get access to her garden plot? remember? She has achieved cult status with her drawings for greenhorns-- of which there are now 38 stickers. She is using kickstarter […]

Posted: February 5 2010
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organic calvados

I was recently given some of this as a present - look how glorious... Chateau de Brouay Calvados

Posted: February 4 2010
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i just joined the farm bureau

because I"m a beginning farmer + rancher-- and I need them to represent my interests. New York Farm Bureau: Young Farmers & Ranchers Program

Posted: January 30 2010
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tall grass bison

Just heard about this awesome buffalo connection while at super star six point brewery in brooklyn with rooftop rockstar annie novak. talk about logistics of bravery-- those are some badass sanitation ninjas. and that Sweet Action beer...Lordy me. Here's the scoop on Tall Grass Bison: Our electronic brochure will explain more about our buffalo meat, […]

Posted: January 24 2010
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i just met Lucien

who made the film Sweet Grass. [youtube=] he talks well about the right wing and the left wing-- both out in the wilderness, armed and unarmed this film he recorded with a huge camera- - traveling for weeks on end with the cowboys up in the mountain ranges, in his little talk, he said that […]

Posted: December 24 2009
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a punk yeoman femmy

I'm a huge fan.  This is an excerpt from her book, Our Farm My life as a smallholder by Rosie Boycott When Rosie Boycott lost her job as a Fleet Street editor, she sank into depression and drinking and was seriously injured in a car crash. But as she describes in a magical new book, […]

Posted: November 27 2009
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i just saw howie, and all these

meatpaper, tartine, chez panisse kids in brooklyn they told me that they did a performance with a bike and a bull! I was so excited here it is: - sev

Posted: November 24 2009
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i recently gave a little talk at washington university

Its a university in St. Louis Missouri. I visited a history of agriculture class. The professor was making a lot of assertions about sustainability, and the obsolescence of various simple yet sophisticated farming practices/equipment. It was quite infuriating. Luckily I had a tiny chance for rebuttal. The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco recently sponsored […]

Posted: November 14 2009
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It Takes A Village

Well. Many of you have been asking how our pig event was.  Honestly, it took us a few days to digest the weekend, and the pork. Now that our many brilliant photographers have edited and uploaded their photos, and we're ready to fill you in.  We think the pictures say quite a bit. Photos + […]

Posted: November 6 2009
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dream gear this is my dream refrigerator. i also have a dream woodstove, dream cooktop, and dream deydrator. but my dreams will have to wait for a little while longer hi there readers-- tell us about your dream gear?

Posted: October 22 2009
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this is what an e-blast looks like

a greenhorns e-blast, anyway. If you'd like to receive more, sign up for our newsletter! all greenhorns - It is August. It is hot. At Smithereen Farm,  our Greenhorns headquarters is full of peaches, yellow squashes+ rosy-cheeked visitors. Yes, we got hit by the blight, but as I type the air is full of vinegar […]

Posted: August 16 2009
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here i am, i'm planting my trees.

We're just sayin'.  Greenhorns, front page of USA Today. On tiny plots, a new generation of farmers emerges by Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY ROCHESTER, Wash. — Joseph Gabiou walks the fields of Wobbly Cart Farm with a practiced eye. He kicks dirt into place to keep the wind from blowing the protective covering off a […]

Posted: July 29 2009
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4H financials

4H just got a nice facelift on their website. I noticed. and then this PSA about 1 million new scientists. and the companies who are supporting 4H to make it happen.  including Monsanto, who recently donating $1.5 million. 4H isn't about making technology. Its about raising animals.

Posted: June 30 2009
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a little call out for food, inc.

Food, Inc. is screening on Wednesday in Brooklyn and greenhorns will be tabling there!  will we see you? [youtube=] we love pollan. we love schlosser. we love kenner.

Posted: June 7 2009
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update from the director of the greenhorns

Almost two years after its founding in a basement in Berkeley, California, The Greenhorns has matured from an idea for a recruitment film into a widespread national community. We are now happily rooted on my first commercial farm, Smithereen, on rented land in the Hudson Valley of New York. In the autumn of 2007 we […]

Posted: June 6 2009
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dairy woes

NY Times:  Organic Dairies Watch the Good Times Turn Bad If you are 35, capitalized, and looking to buy dairy equiptment--now might be a great time. If you are 17 and working barn chores on your parent's operation, chances are you are doing double shifts-- and probably don't have time for your friends. If you […]

Posted: June 3 2009
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Post-It Notes & Washing Machines

this is severine. writing on her yellow awesome post it note the car for just this purpose. about a 1930s washing machine that looks just perfect for tanning rabbit skins.

Posted: May 18 2009
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a poem, from thursday morning. to the irresistible fleet.

obama spring yes. I am planting trees. Planting trees on land I do not own. yes. I am laying drip tape. Laying drip tape in the rain. yes. I am shlepping mulch and snipping mesh and learning to use the air-compressor. yes. I am full of poison ivy and the chemical tips of rosebush. my […]

Posted: May 18 2009
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Ag Issues in the News

Some light reading for a drizzly day... Seriously people. BUY MILK! not sodapop Young Dairy Farmers Worry About Future - Brattleboro Reformer, May 8 bootstrap optimism. but only to a point. we need to change the structures ( POLITICAL! EDUCATIONAL! CULTURAL! ECONOMIC!) that govern the American food system. Stubbornness and Optimism Drive Many Farmers - […]

Posted: May 17 2009
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Let Uncle Sam Help You Go Organic

ok kiddos. We all say: "Organic certification is great. I wish it weren't so costly and time consuming" We all say: "the government should help growers get certified so that more people would do it and less poison would go into our food, water, air and the bodies of hapless creatures" well.  here it is. […]

Posted: May 12 2009
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Greenhorns Radio

Want more Greenhorns news in your life?  Check out the Greenhorns radio show online via the Heritage Radio Network.  Each show is archived and worth a listen. This week Severine interviewed Kevin Skvorak of Regeneration CSA in High Falls, NY. Regeneration CSA is a community supported farm growing with permaculture based, no-till systems that use […]

Posted: May 11 2009
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Dear Young Farmers of the Etherspace

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you might notice that there is a LOT going on for young farmers -- and you might also notice that our postings have a very distinct bias to the communities (east and west coats) to which we have personal linkages. I know that there are barn […]

Posted: May 9 2009
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Common Vision - Tour Complete!

these guys have been doing this bus for a while now. they do it their own way. with high quality drums and high quality hearts. pounding the pavement. ninjas of logistics and warriors of the light. rockstars of urban forestry. I love common vision. go see them in action!    Here's their update: Greetings, The consensus […]

Posted: May 7 2009
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Brooklyn Food Conference, May 2nd

If you're in NYC, or anywhere close, this will be an amazing day.  There are dozens of workshops planned, including "Passing the hoe: our new farmers share stories and experiences".  See you there... Brooklyn Food Conference A grassroots event for a just, secure, sustainable, healthy and delicious food system. A project of the Brooklyn Food […]

Posted: April 24 2009
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Dear Ewe, Part 2

Finally, after the bitter cold winter and far too much grantwriting and officeworks: Spring is catching me up and the finger=planet interface approaches the psyche nurture cotyledons and smell must of rabbit worm drippings on the hot greenhouse floor . Thankfully I have flawless cell reception at 2.3 acre Smithereen farm (which is just a […]

Posted: March 27 2009
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Les Blank & Flower Films

Please take a moment to survey the prodigious and visionary films of our elder, advisor and favorite estuarian, Les Blank.  - Severine For example... Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers (1980) The latest, All In This Tea (2007) [youtube=] For more, check out Flower Films: The Films of Les Blank

Posted: March 13 2009
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Maker Faire - Greenhorns Needed!

Note to DIY-ers.... The Maker Faire is a celebration of innovation and initiative--for tinkerers, inventors, robotics-dorks and crafty folk of all kinds to demonstrate their pet projects and freak toys. Its kind of like burning man for legos, terrabites, bicycle wheels and blowtorches. Most of these projects are hobbies and fetishes, but the applications of […]

Posted: March 13 2009
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Punk Yeoman Pep Talk

So. Today being yet another day of cold wind I thought it might be time for a PUNK YEOMAN PEP TALK. Which I think is a new format for missives too short for the book, too relevant for pencil. the art of punk yeomanry is in fact a kind of deliberate and proactive socio-homeopathy. meaning, […]

Posted: March 10 2009