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Dear Young Farmers of the Etherspace

Posted: May 9 2009

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you might notice that there is a LOT going on for young farmers -- and you might also notice that our postings have a very distinct bias to the communities (east and west coats) to which we have personal linkages.
I know that there are barn raisings and crop mobbings and various agrarian storm trooper throw downs in places other than these coastal fringes which I so often frequent.
But I don't know about them yet.
SO I'm asking for your help -- oh young farmers of the etherspace -- in connecting us with regional listservs and permaculture networks and steiner networks, and local currency networks.
We want to know about the events that are going on. We want to publicize them. We want to have a more comprehensive and representative smattering of inspiration for the others of us who organize events.
So, dear Iowans, dear Arkansassy, dear Oklahomies and Tennesseeposse--can you please add us to your mailing list? And forward us cool young farmer oriented programming so that we can share it, and spread it and sink it and link it?
Thank you very much.
Also.. we'd like to know your favorite AGRICULTURALLY THEMED children's books if you don't mind. It's for an outreach portal for kids.
you can email [email protected]
love, severine