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Punk Yeoman Pep Talk

Posted: March 10 2009

Today being yet another day of cold wind I thought it might be time for a PUNK YEOMAN PEP TALK.
Which I think is a new format for missives too short for the book, too relevant for pencil.
the art of punk yeomanry is in fact a kind of deliberate and proactive socio-homeopathy.
meaning, it's about asserting your values, rights and vision in the world. Fiercely, but lovingly.

in communication.
with didactic reference to 'the good' 'the soil' 'the health' while in conversation with the postmistress and the auto parts store clerk.
in intimacy.
inject the logistics of productive adventure into the lives of your friends and the bellies of neighbors. gift baskets
in institutions.
ignoring the social conception (held by emergency room nurses) that dirty fingernails means "homeless"- instead use that tension of misunderstanding to insert a "PUNK YEOMAN PEP TALK".
These are three instances when it would be easy to be dismissive, aloof, 'hipper than thou" or existentially flustered by backwards <mainstream mind> and its toxic industrial outcomes.
a "punk yeoman pep talk" becomes a theatrical, and assertive educational 'trope.' A cloak of peppy puckishness that you can put on to address the misunderstandings and tensions.
Yes. I try to live in the caring sharing community of photosynthetic magnetism and joyful abundance. When not outdoors, I'm the CEO snoop-dog at my own fearless agency. Making things beautiful, textural, meaningful and trying for resonance.
but every day, at least once, I come into contact with the (ways of being) typical of bureaucratic corporate employee-ist mindspace. And frankly, It takes a lot of effort not to let it get me down. So many silly boxes, so much silly waste, such a lot of procedural gum in the works. But it is important not to contaminate the spirit of giving and living, with the logic of CVS pharmacy. Instead...
put on your punk yeoman cape - and see if they have any of those nice plastic totes in their dumpster.