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archival rhetoric

Posted: February 25 2010

sophomoric, but still relevant.
Open Letter to a Cloned Sheep, Pig, Broiler or Dairy Creature
by Severine von Tscharner Fleming
"Dear Dolly,
It seems that the US Food and Drug Administration, in all its wisdom, has decided that US citizens will be safe eating cloned animal products. Yes, Dolly, that means ewe, your lambs and even your immaculate lactation. Move over, Chicken McNuggets®, you pioneers of homogeneity. Henceforth, diversity, individuality and even evolution are out. You showed the way, Dolly, and genetic-uniformity is in! At Safeway, we can celebrate with simultaneous glee the supersized super-beef and the super-buxom boneless chickens of the future, pink and wiggly in the Styrofoam tray, copyright pending and no rooster required."
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