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Dear Ewe, Part 2

Posted: March 27 2009

Finally, after the bitter cold winter and far too much grantwriting and officeworks: lemons1Spring is catching me up and the finger=planet interface approaches the psyche nurture cotyledons and smell must of rabbit worm drippings on the hot greenhouse floor . Thankfully I have flawless cell reception at 2.3 acre Smithereen farm (which is just a mile off the Taconic, near Livingston, NY) and if you don't mind being on speakerphone I'm very available for discussions and pep talks.
What follows is a run down of upcoming events, from my vantage point:
Tonight - gross 8 course medieval feast at heritage foods - with suckling pig and tankards. And lovely linen sheets at my upper-east-fairy godmother's - who is sheep milk addict, poet mermaid and landscape client.
Tomorrow morning recording the first radio show in Brooklyn. More music needed for those, more excel spreadsheets + ninja support. Tomorrow noon train up the river to Poughkeepsie, to register Smithereen farm at the county office and pick up 300 pounds of Og cracked corn over in Millbrook. Fetching my favorite soup pot and some extra fancy equine electric fencing. Seed sunflower sprout trays.

Wednesday my lovely chickens arrive, graphic design workday.
Thursday seeding flats, cutting bean poles, staking beds. Finishing Ben and Jerry's grant. Lay out irrigation design.
Friday we tank up our veg wagon and up up up to Ithaca for swine school and Cornell small farm extension interviews. and picking up the piglets. and having dinner with Erica and her farmer friends. Bring wine for Sunday dinner.
Monday, Order wheelbarrow from true temper. Move boxes out of office to new office in Hudson NY. Be careful with all the equipment. Dinner party on april 1 for many fine fun ones - some Beards from the conspiracy and farmers from Connecticut and long island and brooklyn. menu planning.
Tuesday my cover crop seed arrives. broadcast, mulch.
Thursday my compost (bought in) arrives. Laura Hannah comes down from Montreal for 2 weeks of solid editing on the movie. Feeding her vegetables and cooing, and adding adding adding to the post-it linear wall-map of the DOCUMENTARY FILM.
Friday my BD Sonoma hillbilly mechanic friend arrives
Saturday, April 4, work party to finish building all the hutches and driving stakes.
Sunday - build water pipe down to the pig pasture. Finish staking it. Figure out who is staying at the farm 2 weeks in April to water seedlings, rabbits and tiny kittens!
April 10- fly to California, pick up Xtracycle. Farmers market to get snap peas and soft cheese. Help organize rising tide Land Liberty Sunshine Stamina. Feed the Beards singing the grange songs. Film them. Organize the projector so that we can play the other songs. Caltrain to San Jose and Kellogg foundation conference with the 12 minute DVD that will earn us 200 grand. Steal badges for pirates - make a Ned trip to Pescadero to get 114 kinds of beans from Fipps Country Store, fill the cellulose baggies and grab platters at Nile's house.. Dash up to Elk with Megan in her P Prius for a scamper. To mill valley for the seed saving savory thymes-- try to find some patrons of future funding. to Winters walnutlandia for bike rides and canoes and strategizing the Young Farmer training weekend 2010. Eat as many walnuts as possible. Run around with miss mendez and mr. mariani. Jump back on another airplane. Arrive nightime back to New York. Sleep at siena's house. Train upstate. Can I harvest elderflowers yet? Have mummy come visit so we can make syrup together in her big pot, and can it in the nice jars to sell to bartenders with suspenders and mustachios. use the umbel label brooke made.
May - digging+planting beds. Events at brooklyn museum and other things. Editing video. Chapter 2. Interns arrive.
June - digging + planting beds with my strong brother. Preparing for big event. Birthday. Editing video. Chapter 3. Summer love?
July - selling veggies- organizing young farmer caucus. Chapter 6. Find trustworthy farm manager for when I'm gone.
August - Gallavant to herbal apprenticeship. Chapter 10.
September - Editing video. Canning. Events planning for Hawthorn Valley
October - Landscaping gig in sicily. Editing video. capers. Chapter 11.
November - finishing editing video. slaughter animals. Thanksgiving trip to South.
December - sending film to festivals. pulling hair out.
* * *
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