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Common Vision - Tour Complete!

Posted: May 7 2009

these guys have been doing this bus for a while now. they do it their own way. with high quality drums and high quality hearts.
pounding the pavement.hr_performance
ninjas of logistics and warriors of the light.
rockstars of urban forestry.
I love common vision.
go see them in action!    Here's their update:
The consensus amongst this year’s crew is: “Fruit Tree Tour 2009 - best ever!” In 6 years, the project has now directly reached over 50,000 students and planted over 4,000 trees. Fruit Tree Tour 2009 continued to grow in impact and quality, adding new elements of art and music, and an ever more exciting list of tree varieties. To get the story of this year’s tour as told through national and international media, check out the article “In the news”. Also in this Harvest Rhythm learn more about some of this tour’s developments and get a preview into upcoming Common Vision projects like reforesting the national forest and a series of courses that aim to save the world through tending the soil.
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