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organic, made in the usa workwear

We like this idea. Let's show them some support! Totem Industries on Kickstarter Totem Industries is a small company out of Boulder, CO, with the goal of getting good people into cool and durable clothes at a reasonable cost.  We have been manufacturing clothing domestically since our inception in 2004. We started as a backcountry […]

Posted: September 12 2012
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get dusty

ohh la la, new greenhorn swag on our etsy page -- bandanas, posters, stickers galore ! these bandana beauties are screen printed by the lovely laura cline, artwork by brooke budner.

Posted: June 15 2012
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farmhack IOWA and the design charette!

We're very excited for farmack Iowa NEXT WEEK!  Don't forget to RSVP. Here's the latest: Farm Hack Iowa team is way excited for next Wednesday, and we hope you are too.  We wanted to give you all a few updates on the event, and also introduce one aspect of the Farm Hack process: the design […]

Posted: June 13 2012
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sweet little baskets called trugs

Made by a nice man in the UK out of Chesnut: These Myrtlewood trugs are made in Oregon. Less expensive Tubtrugs are made in Spain of food grade plastic and can be purchased from Johnny's.

Posted: May 29 2012
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healing arts CSA shares

COLLABORATIVE HEALING ARTS CSA SHARES! massage - acupuncture herbs - allied modalities // accessibility & opportunity for families, farmers & community WHY A HEALING ARTS CSA SHARE? We believe that the healing arts we practice can be of great benefit to many people, but so-called complementary therapies are often only available at prices that for many people are […]

Posted: May 27 2012
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ambika's bikinis are flying hot

she makes them out of rabbit fur angora rabbits, french kind, which are dual purpose she combs them gently with a kind of metal brush and spins it into yarn to make sexiest bikinis ever conceived

Posted: April 14 2012
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for women who weld, and fabricate

a new model for transportation in a metropolis ! boston-based Metro Pedal Power offers delivery in urban areas with their emissions-free pedal-trucks work in all weather, carrying up to 500 lbs. PLUS they custom-make snazzy/sassy bikes/trikes to fit your needs. this THIS awesome recycling creation. they also provide local parcel service, route delivery and on-demand trucking […]

Posted: April 13 2012
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hot for chia!

Nutiva: soaring demand for organic coconut oil, chia seed restricts supplies by Sustainable Food News April 5, 2012 Nutiva, the world’s leading brand of organic hemp, coconut oil, and chia seed, said Thursday demand for coconut oil and a global shortage of chia seed is making it difficult keeping the products stocked for customers. The Oxnard, […]

Posted: April 6 2012
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farmhack tools & forum!

Ready for your perusal and participation:

Posted: March 14 2012
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glove weather

behold these beauties --

Posted: March 11 2012
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who wants a truck? paso robles, CA

California greenhorns, this is a great opportunity if you're in need of a good farm rig and particularly if you're mechanically inclined!  Here's a note from some generous farmers who are ready to pass on their farm truck. We are a 50acre Biodynamic Farm just outside of Paso Robles California, and we have a great […]

Posted: February 28 2012
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homemade tractors on NPR

some fresh press for the Open Source Ecology Project, always inspirational. Building A Village Starts With Building The Tractor by Jon Kalish for NPR Do-it-yourselfers have made everything from bamboo bicycles to 3-D printers, but nothing as ambitious as what's happening on a farm in northwest Missouri where tractors and other industrial machines are being […]

Posted: February 20 2012
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chicken plucker!

A nice model: [youtube=]

Posted: January 23 2012
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its here! video number one from farmstead meatsmith

watch it here. from FSMS and Farmrun: Here marks our official release of the first episode in On the Anatomy of Thrift: Pork provender in the home kitchen., a multiple part series celebrating the abundance of traditional pork slaughter, butchery and cookery. This episode is on 'Side Butchery', the foundational art to ensuring all parts of the […]

Posted: November 21 2011
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locally sourced beer for new hampshire

they retrofitted their brewing system from tanks they found in maine and massachusetts:

Posted: January 28 2011
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greenhorns "get dusty" bandanas!

Screen-printed by workaholics in brooklyn, carried to saratoga springs, carried to staatsburg. next stop your mailbox? Please help us finish our film by buying some useful merch for your new career as a hustling landsperson. these red red (and bluey blue and whitely white) rags for your summertime worksong + seed saving and seed sovereignty […]

Posted: January 24 2011
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If you didn't make the museum show

to see her photographs then you can still buy her goat milk caramels. this is a season for highly concentrated sugars, such as these and maple sugar candies :

Posted: December 18 2010
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pack art!

Pack Art 2011: Gallery Show and Holiday Gift Sale November 6th Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art Saturday, November 6th, 6-8pm Pack Art 2011 is a winter garden of art that will get seedy people dreaming about next season. Dreaming is an essential part of gardening in the Northeast. Our dreams are where we hold the […]

Posted: November 13 2010
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pedal-powered corn shelling

MIT Global Challenge: Agricultural Processing Problem Around the world, 550 million smallholder farmers lack access to mechanized agricultural technology. Many important food staples like maize (corn) and grains (e.g., rice or whet) are harvested and processed by hand, which is both labor intensive and time consuming. Processing agriculture manually can also lead to injuries or […]

Posted: August 28 2010
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cool kit

"Arm Savers" offered by Bountiful Gardens.  As you probably know, we are an educational non-profit, and we don't carry mere gadgets. We do carry tools we've used ourselves that make gardening easier. Now that harvest time is here for summer crops, we have put together our favorite harvesting tools at a discount price. When the […]

Posted: August 4 2010
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how nice they look framed

add some farmer swag to your life and get one (or four) of greenhorns artist brooke budner's posters, available on on etsy.

Posted: June 27 2010
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the vashon broadfork

so much is going on on that little island.  Bob Powell  is making some neat farm tools, including the vashon broadfork. He also makes killing cones & he is developing a cider press. Check it out HERE

Posted: June 23 2010
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drip it up...

weird weather ahead. Dripworks Drip Irrigation & Supplies

Posted: May 5 2010
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your mama!

The Hudson Valley Seed Library wants to help you show your mama some love, and have put together an all new Mother's Day Gift Basket with five beautiful Art Packs and some New York-grown dried flowers. Their Old World Gift Basket, New World Gift Basket, and Full Set Gift Baskets are available as well. Any can be sent […]

Posted: April 24 2010
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new oracle, of solar products describes this...

as the most badass of them all. Steca PF 166 Solar refrigerator/freezer The Steca PF 166 is the most efficient DC energy-saving refrigerator ever to be developed. It can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer. The Steca PF 166 is fully programmable. The inside temperature and each of the other configuration values […]

Posted: April 13 2010
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strictly commercial

we do not usually talk about brands of plushy things on this blog. but this coyuchi company makes really amazing tote bags that are organic.  we want to get some in bulk prices so we can silk screen them w/ our irresistable fleetness.  maybe if they find us on their google alert they will call us […]

Posted: April 3 2010
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download greenhorns on itunes

that's right. now you can get greenhorn radio on your iPod!

Posted: April 2 2010
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urban freedom

for all you urban cyclists out there, the yike bike! [youtube=]

Posted: March 20 2010
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dandy doodles at heritage foods

Decades ago, Dan or Dandy Doodles were one of the country-cured meats delivered to folks throughout rural Southside Virginia. A Dan Doodle (or Tom Thumb) is a unique, hickory-smoked sausage in a natural casing sourced from the lower intestine of the pig, that is still sold today, mostly in rural areas. S. Wallace Edwards & […]

Posted: February 16 2010
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here are some wisconsin folks fermenting some seriously scrumptious sauerkraut + kim chi. Powerkraut is a small family business located in Southwestern Wisconsin committed to hand producing delicious, nourishing cultured food and fermented drinks for children, teen, and adults. We use only high quality sea salt and the least amount necessary to insure a stable culturing process. Powerkraut is a safe […]

Posted: February 12 2010
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we've met so many lovely people over the internetz! I've been a squeeky wheel about young farmers rights at all the relevant agencies, and I even joined the farm bureau to go talk to the geezers. But the reception has been so warm and generous. One of the folks reaching out lives in the Adirondacks […]

Posted: February 7 2010
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organic calvados

I was recently given some of this as a present - look how glorious... Chateau de Brouay Calvados

Posted: February 4 2010
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pointer brand clothing - tennessee

Some more good gear for the list - Pointer Brand. High Back, Low Back and Carpenter Overalls, Carpenter Jeans, Blue Jeans, Coveralls, Hunting Clothes, Denim Jackets, Shorts and Shortalls for Adults and Children. All made in the USA, since 1913.

Posted: February 4 2010
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tall grass bison

Just heard about this awesome buffalo connection while at super star six point brewery in brooklyn with rooftop rockstar annie novak. talk about logistics of bravery-- those are some badass sanitation ninjas. and that Sweet Action beer...Lordy me. Here's the scoop on Tall Grass Bison: Our electronic brochure will explain more about our buffalo meat, […]

Posted: January 24 2010
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a plug for the hometeam

Strong Tree Coffee. In Hudson, NY. These are the folks who keep us caffeinated at Greenhorns Headquarters with fair trade, organic and biodynamic coffee beans.  They also package a special Greenhorns Blend, which we just got a new shipment of.  Now we can start sending out all those Greenhorns Holiday Packages.  Which you can still […]

Posted: January 23 2010
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greenhorns seeds!

We grew Spotted Trout Lettuce last summer on our little farm, and saved the seeds - now you can buy them from our friends at Hudson Valley Seed Library. Celebrate the Greenhorns! Library Pack : Grown by Smithereen Farm Eligible for Membership Deal $2.75 / $2.25 for members These seeds came from Smithereen Farm, home […]

Posted: January 19 2010
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hot stuff on the farm

For all you techie geeks who want to streamline. our friend natsuko recommends running Mac operating system on this little MSI WIND computer.

Posted: January 15 2010
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more gear

we've gotten a few tips on gear suggestions for our greenhorns gear list - if you have more, send them to [email protected]! In the meantime, here are a few more suggestions: Womanswork Gloves - pawling, ny Ibex Woolens - woodstock, vt Wiggy's - grand junction, co

Posted: January 11 2010
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here is the story of a chemist, who wanted to become a farmer. so he moved up into the mountains, in the engadin in the south of switzerland. to grow herbs.

Posted: January 4 2010
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dripworks, inc.

we approve of efficient water use! here's a call out for a cool company in a cool town - Willits, CA, that is transitioning to a world beyond oil. they also have some funky videos with the "garden girl" DripWorks is located in northern California and has been in business for over 10 years, providing […]

Posted: July 16 2009