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farmhack IOWA and the design charette!

Posted: June 13 2012

We're very excited for farmack Iowa NEXT WEEK!  Don't forget to RSVP. Here's the latest:

Farm Hack Iowa team is way excited for next Wednesday, and we hope you are too.  We wanted to give you all a few updates on the event, and also introduce one aspect of the Farm Hack process: the design charrette.
First, logistics.
In case you have not re-visited the event page recently (here it is) we will now be splitting our time between Iowa City on the U of I campus and Echollective CSA in Mechanicsville.  We have confirmed our location at U of I for Wednesday the 20th:
University of Iowa Memorial Union, Minnesota Room on the 3rd floor.  Find it here: map.  This will NOT be our location for Thursday - the room is booked, but we will be elsewhere in the Memorial Union.
The address for Echollective CSA is:
879 Echo Ave, Mechanicsville IA 52306
We will be caravanning out in the PM of Wednesday.
Second, the Design Charrette!
What is the Design Charrette?
An intensive process for design creation and brainstorming, powered by small group working groups. At the hack, small groups will form around one idea or challenge that they wish to address, and work collaboratively to come up with a solution or design to address that challenge or bring the idea into reality. 
This can be a physical tool, equipment or alteration to an existing piece of equipment, a computer program or app, ideas for farmer collaboration or organization or ANYTHING else! 
The goal is to produce some sort of useful output (rough design, execution plan, etc.) that the group can move forward with post-hack to execute their design or other end goal.

If you already have an idea for the charrette and want to start the collective masterminding early, do it in the Farm Hack Iowa Forum.  Also visit the other forums to check out what other Farm Hack charrettes have come up with.  This forum will be your way of connecting to fellow hackers after the event next week and continuing to move ideas into reality.
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