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pack art!

Posted: November 13 2010

Pack Art 2011: Gallery Show and Holiday Gift Sale November 6th

Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art
Saturday, November 6th, 6-8pm
Pack Art 2011 is a winter garden of art that will get seedy people dreaming about next season. Dreaming is an essential part of gardening in the Northeast. Our dreams are where we hold the flavors, smells, and beauty of our garden bounty during the bleak winter.
This year’s artists were selected from a pool of over 70 submissions. They come from all over the Hudson Valley and New York City. Each artist interpreted one variety of herb, flower, or vegetable from the Seed Library’s catalog. Mediums include collage, encaustics, oil, watercolor, digital, paper cutting, and ink. Artist range from up-and-coming to world renowned. The diversity of the artwork reflects the many stories behind each variety and the genetic wonder that makes each plant unique.


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